Blister Prevention- any suggestions?


I've been getting more into my running over the past 6 months or so and recently completed my first half marathon. While training though I've found that my feet are blistering on longer runs.

I know I run with a mid-foot strike but on most runs over 7-8km I seem to get blisters forming on the balls of my feet at the base of my big toe. I've tried a variety of different socks, talc before running and even a couple of different pairs of shoes. I just don't seem to be able to find a way of stopping it happening.

I'd welcome any suggestions that I could try, or would be interested if anyone else has the same sort of issue?




  • Do you think your feet are moving in the shoes causing friction?

    If so then either you try bauble tightening the laces more? Or thicker socks/two pairs of socks or slightly smaller shoes?
  • Oops hit done... I've only been running 5 or so months only had 1 blister, perfect except one day I tried a pair of skinny running socks, I haven't tried them since big thick cushioned running socks from Nike and karrimor haven't given me a single blister.
  • Hi Pete.

    I was similar to you. Blisters whatever shoes and socks I tried. Mentioned it to a family friend who is a veteran of many marathons. She said to try rubbing vaseline into my feet before each run. Not had any trouble since.
  • It's odd that some seem prone to blisters yet others like me, despite doing things like double marathons and wearing any old socks, never get any? There must be some fundamental difference other than rubbing in vaseline, which I don't do either, nothing. Maybe there's a research paper to be written here by someone clever?

  • I have a theory that it's how wet your feet get! I get far less blisters this time of year when it starts to cool down and my feet sweat less. I've found for me, the best thing that works is thin wicking socks, antiperspirant on the feet and a silicon based lubricant (not vaseline or bodyglide) on the areas that will blister without! Even then, for me that only manages the problem...and I've tried everything from taping to barefoot.

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