Do you find it possible to run when you are mentally drained?

Hi, i'm just curious if other runners (beginner or experienced) are able to run when you're mentally drained? For example from a long day at school/work or just when you've done nothing all day! Thanks, GH


  • For me it is a release so whilst on days like that I may have to dig deep as it were I know that it is a fab way to feel better.

  • After a hard day at work I always feel better after a run, the difficult thing is getting the kit on and getting out of the door.

  • E mmyE mmy ✭✭✭
    As others have said. It helps me relax and I'll find that if I've had a bad day - the only thing that will help is a run to clear the cobwebs out
  • Good thinking time!

  • Yes, though not always an easy decision to make, never one to regret
  • Thanks for all the response!

  • Yeah as it helps clears my mind.

     It was great when studying just to put down books,go out and run for 20-30 minutes.

  • If I feel awful before exercise I always feel better immediately afterwards. I put it down to adrenaline and just getting the heart pumping and the blood flowing. Shakes out the cobwebs. Still, it's hard to get started initially if you're feeling a bit low or knackered
  • Yes- and good after a bad night on call too- I was feeling like death after getting up at 3:30am to go in to work, having only had 2hrs ( repetedly interupted) sleep- a 5mile run made me feel much better!

  • I fell going running clears my head and releaves stress. Also feel better when I get back. Probably the best on Friday afternoon, where a me and a friend did a nice run in the county, and just ran and chilled out, as well as pacing each other. 

    Went this evening with the club -  a nice steady pace, with people I know. Better than sitting, moping at home all night - and as a bonus burns calories and keeps mind and body fit. 

  • After a particularly hard day at work a run helps me put things into perspective. It just seems to sort things in my head.
  • Yes.  It's the best therapy.  99% of the time I feel loads better after a run. As previous post said, it's the getting out that's the hard bit.

  • When drained it is harder to get out, I always feel the better for doing a run.
  • Normally a run makes me feel better but when my Dad was terminally ill I found it almost impossible to run - Id go out with good intentions but end up walking home totally demoralised.    I guess it depends on how serious the stress is.

  • Minnie, that must have been pretty tough. I had similarly poor results when my marriage fell apart in the six months before the Brighton marathon in 2010. I wasn't sleeping or eating properly and had no drive on my long runs especially. I was trying to use running as a distraction to what was happening in my personal life, but I think the long runs require you to be in a pretty good head space, and I found I had no energy and just couldn't push through any type of discomfort, and would find myself walking a lot. Consequently my training for the marathon was very poor, and although i made it round I promised that next time I'd give myself a fair crack of the whip.

    Thankfully life has taken a turn for the better, and I'm enjoying my running now

  • Dont sit down for a cup of tea or anything when you get home from work. Straight in the door, kiss the dog, stroke the wife image put your kit on and get out the door. As soon as I sit down its game over, there is plenty of time for relaxing when you get back home

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