Advice on my first marathon training.


 I have entered the Edinburgh marathon next May,and this will be my first.

I am currently running 4 miles 4 times a week and between 7-9 miles after Golf on a sunday.

I have been given some advice that I will need to increase my base running before I start my scheduled training in February. What more would you kind people advise me of doing? I live in a small town and whichever route I take; the first 1. mile is uphill. I think my training could and in time be a lot better.

When I am at work ( Nights for 12 hours for 7 days once a month) I run on a treadmill for 5 nights.Treadmill runs will be anything from Fat burners to speed intervals.

I would love to be able to complete a full marathon in approx 4:30.

So any suggestions on how far I am behind schedule or is my running ok for now?

Kind regards



  • Gary,

    I'm no expert either....  but I'd say that you your current schedule seems decent.  5 runs a week totalling 25 miles... that's a pretty decent base from which to start your programme in February.  As ToffeeRunner says... run a HM sometime... but I guess one is in you programme.

    Maybe you could do a bit of variety.  Instead of 4x4 mile runs... try 2X4,  a six miler, and a 3-4K faster run once a week.  Of course, if your sunday run could be nearer 9 than 7, that would be good.   But if you're relatively new to running... then 5 days a week might be asking a bit much. You could perhaps cut out a day, to let your running muscles recover a bit... and replace it with a bit of gym work once a week.... rowing, cycling, weithts etc.

  • Hi Guys

    I agree with you both regarding the Half Marathon, I know it will be in the schedule somewhere Run Wales, but I think I will run a event rather than go out on my own.

    I have ran Half Marathons before,( But not for atleast two years,) So basically what you are saying then; is I have to mix it up a little.

    I have been running now for 4 years ( not continuosly image though).

  • I´m no expert either (heard that one before?image but I think you will gain from fever but longer runs. For example, try to run 3-4 times a week but keep the same weekly mileage. This will give you longer distances and more recovery. 

    I think your mileage definitely is a good base. I have read that the minimum recommendation is that you shall do a weekly mileage that equals the marathon distance and you more or less do that already.

    Personally I only run two times a week and have a weekly mileage of 40-45 km (app. 25-28 miles I think) and I did the Stockholm marathon, which was my first, in 4 hours.

    Good luck with you training!


  • Thanks Stockholm

    I'm going to try that, Running five times a week and cycling the other.

    I will try 2x4-5miles.......2x5-6.....1x7-9...

    Qite honestly though I did say I would like to run sub 4:30, But if I complete it in under 5 hours I would be pleased.

    My times for my last halves have been 2hrs 5 min ish.

  • You will easy go under sub 4.30 in May 2013 if you do 2.05 in a half marathon now. With proper training, like following a traning schedule, and with the upphill mile you mentioned included in you runs, I will say you quite comfortable are able to go down toward 4 hrs. 

    My predicition for your race, with the Bib effect and sorrounded by thousands of runners: 4.06. image


    Same advice different thread

    Build your base mileage from steady paced running. Don't worry about speed work just worry about building up the mileage slowly. Don't run 5 x a week to start with, build up to that if you want but I wouldn't advise it. You could run a 4:30 marathon on 3 runs plus 1 xtrain a week. Check out Shades marathon training.

    You need to take days off to rest and recover. This is such an important part of training that so many people overlook thinking that more is better. It will make you a much stronger runner.

  • Thank you T.Mouse
  • Hey Stockholm

    I like your confidence...I would be over the moon with a 4:06,but i'm still going to work for 4:30.

    I'm going to have to buy some super shoesimage
  • Im doing the Edinburgh marathon also it's my first ever ..cant wait for the training schedule to begin...good luck


  • Hi Rose

    Good luck to you too.

    I have started a forum on the Edinburgh Marathon, in which there are a lot of first timers.

    Come and join in.

    Hope to see you there.


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