should i take protien shakes and wot one ??????

hi all i need some advice if any one can help ive run for years and smoked for years and never eaten healthy, but just had my second kid and given up smokin and now run 10k three times a week b4 work but buy lunch cant keep my eyes open should i take proten shakes


  • It may be worthwhile for a short period while you are adjusting to a more healthy diet, also some multi vitamin and mineral supplements. This would just be a short term measure.

    Eating better would help, if you can, have a good quality breakfast after your run, something like scrambled egg on wholewheat toast, if you can't handle solids then a smoothie or shake is a good idea. I add flax seed to my smoothies as that is high protein. Also I have very dark chocolate 80 - 90 %.

    Protein shakes are expensive so look into cheaper options that actually taste good as well.

    You will find that as your body gets used to the exercise you will not feel so tired. It may also be a result of giving up smoking. Your body will take much longer to adjust to that.

    Try and ensure that you are getting a good nights sleep, if not every night then at least 3 x a week. Early to bed early to rise and all that.

  • brill thanks very much genraly i have porage for breakfast as it keeps me full till brunch


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