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  • Edinburgeremma- glad all seems well.

    danny- it's a lonely business training for a Marathon. I too have done all but 1 run on my own ( often with a dog who has slowed me down I'm sure)

    Miggito- I can tell lack of running could well see a rise in moaning chez vous, or that is simply my projection of what is actually happening chez moi image..

    Nell Blue- I've had quite a few missed runs especially last few weeks, but feeling relieved that it isn't going to matter now image.

    My number is 7144. I'm starting from London Road and aiming around 4hrs, but will see how it goes on the morning ie first few miles I'll know what I've got in the tank and may ease off due to last minute issues ie ( weather- it's been really cold here in France and race day will be warmer, and I had training issues and a cold clearning)...all that disclaimer said, if anyone wants to meet up at the start to run first bit together pace wise, maybe private messgae me and I'll give my mobile number or perhaps someone knows a good meeting point at the start and we can arrange a time?

    Was also wondering from those who have done quite a few maarthons before ( and Ultra's)...you know who you are mad people!!!!!...... what advice do you have for CARB LOADING???(.... it's never a pretty thing for me. My stomach balloons- last year parents at the school were convinced I was pregnant- it was embarrasing- for them not me after all the offers of conrgatulations etc)..


    I don't care about ballooning tummy ( I'm not that vain unfortunatly ), but want to make sure I have sufficent store of Carbs.....




    I think I too will save music for last 10k......

  • ElliotWorthElliotWorth ✭✭✭

    Re: Carb Loading - I'm on my final day of carb depletion and will carb load from tomorrow. Apparently if you deplete carb stores early in the week then load, you absorb the new carbs better.

    During pre-marathon week I use a (free) iphone app called My Fitness Pal - and scan the barcode on the food packet to keep track of how much I'm eating and the carb intake. Ideally you don't want to eat too much, i.e. over your daily calorie intake but make sure the carb intake is a sufficiently high proportion (~75% of intake vs Protein and Fat). For average runners (we're generally leaner than the most) you want to aim for around 500-600g of carb on Thursday + Friday. Saturday you can carb up too but try & finish the loading by around 6pm.

    I've spent a fair amount of time in supermarket aisles check nutrition values. High carb foods would include: Bagels (w/Raisins), Pancakes (w/raisins), Oatcake (taste like cardboard but high source), Potato Cakes, Malt Loaf, Pitta Bread, Crackers & of course Pasta/Rice (Brown varieties best).

    Good luck!


  • Thanks Elliot. I just read about carb depleation today! Think I would have shifted some extra weight had I done a bit of that with the training image....

    Pity fat isn't an efficient energy source- I've got plenty to see me through 26.2 miles..

    I'm flying into the UK tomorrow so may try the free app. Though I am so going for a curry on Friday night ( don't be concerned for me- remember I have a stomach of steel, inside only not in appearance).... France just have no idea about food other then French food ( which they do really well). So looking forward to my gastro feast..

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Thanks cbo, yes you are perfectly correct. I was just a bit miffed as I had stuck to my plan throughout and that was my first hiccup. I too have trained mainly on my own Danny, just ran with a pal on a Wed morning. It does has it's advantages though, being a typical guy I have a head full of complete nonsense I can think about on a long run so it is no problem...lol!

    I am number 18236 in the Blue wave from Regent Road. Think I would like to get under 4, being a first marathon not really sure so will just enjoy things.

    Thanks for the carb info Elliot, and enjoy the curry cbo

  • I've been a lurker on this thread and haven't contributed because I'm 'only' doing the Half on Sunday.  But I feel a bit like I've shared some of the journey with you all and I can't wait to hear how you all get on.  It's really made me think hard about whether or not I'm ready to have a go at at the full 26.2 (too much thinking!  just do it!)

    Anyway, I wish all of you the absolute best and hope to see a string of massively positive updates on here after race day.  Good luck, enjoy yourselves

  • SesamoidSesamoid ✭✭✭

    Getting busy in here now, must be getting close? imageCBO, yes I am generally crabbit this week, annoyed with my foot and the cold and the fact that I could have been going on an all day drinking session on Sunday. Instead due to my pig headedness I will now be running 26 miles (in pain) around Edinburgh. Feel like I am having an affair as I am "hiding" my injury from my wife She caught me with the Biofreeze and my "stick" last night but I managed to get away with it with lies and deceipt in that it was "preventative treatment" I am going straight to hellimage

    Emma - where is your tissue issue? Please tell me it's on the top of your foot so I at least know someone else is going through the same as me?!? Hope you're recovered by Sunday!

    Danny/Nell, I always run alone (apart from a couple recently) as it's early morning runs for me, would love to join a club but commitments don;t allow unfortunately.

    Roger - if you're feeling up to it after the Marathon you could always "do" Rose Street, ie start at one end and have one drink in every pub till you reach the other end. I've done that a couple of times (a good few years ago!) and it's a lot of fun, although can get messy towards the end but you'll have deserved it!!

    Kathryn, best of luck to you too - best advice I think I can give re the Marathon is build up to it slowly, ie. been running for 5 years or so with lots of 1/2s/10ks under my belt. Good luck though



  • I'm also just doing the half with a mate before we sprint off to support another friend whose doing the whole thing!

    Done 14 miles in training two weeks ago averaging 8 minutes per mile and didn't feel "dead" at the end so confident of an ok time (for me)

    Seems you're all well into the taper period now, I always find this is a good bit when you can chill out, eat carbs and just surf the adrenaline as it were.

    Good luck everyone!

  • Hi all

    This is for anyone which has ran this marathon before really, i was just wondering if people run with mp3 players? I know in the pdf it said they wasn't allowed but does anybody pay attention to this rule?

    Thanks in advance and good luck everyone


  • I ran the Glasgow Half marathon last year and the official rules were also no mp3 players or more specifically no earphones.

    I can tell you that I ran with earphones the whole way as did the vast majority of other runners and nothing was said/done.

  • Thanks John

    Would run without obviously but would be really miffed if there were loads of runners all wearing mp3 players and i'd left mine off lol

  • I'm really wanting to try and do this marathon (my 4th) as my first marathon without the ipod. I have tested it out in training runs and it has gone well... although I haven't been in the mental state that 22/23 miles gets you?? Hope I don't regret it... but you won't know unless you try it? 

  • Hi All

    I too have done all my training with my phone and app and music.

    But I am going to run without it.....I think that running and talking to you guys will give me the mental motivation that music cannot.
  • On the subject of music - it is the rule at all UK/Scottish Athletics races that earphones may not be used - some races may not enforce it, but when it is enforced it is simply by disqualifying the offender so they don't get a time or place (and I have been at races where this has happened.)

    Back to Edinburgh - does anyone know how the starts and pens are organised? I estimated 3:59:00 and am in the orange pen on Regent Road, which looks like the front one.  Is the other start for faster runners?

    Also - being a bit of a cheapskate I am staying at a campsite by the route just outside Musselburgh - does anyone know of any Pub or Restaurant that would be good for a meal on Sunday night?

  • Iain LoveIain Love ✭✭✭

    I think the starting pens are according to your estimated finishing time, I assume its like that on Regent rd cause its like that where im starting on London Rd. Best of luck.

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Miggito, Yes I am an early morning runner. It is the only way I can get away with all the training runs and keep a semi-happy household....lol!


  • Wow - lots of postings. Getting close I guess. Good luck to the half marathon brigade. You'll be finished before we start!

    Iain - London road is partly for the speed merchants - the pros. I think this is because there is only a certain amount of overall downhill allowed in a marathon to count in a certain classification of races - not sure of the details?? London road is a little lower start. There are also some slower runners there as well - inc. me. The problem is that we start 10 mins before Regent road so towards the end when you are all mixed up, you might be chasing someone who is 10 minutes ahead so to speak. No big deal I guess. The front of Regent road road start will be good so that you can chase the tail of the London road crew!

    I'm not very good at carbon loading. I always look forward to this bit but never get it right - either too much (then stomach cramps on the day) or too little. I will start eating more only from Friday evening. I always really struggle to eat much on the Sunday morning even with the latish start.Even a banana is not easy.

    My carbo snack food of choice is the humble flapjack. The small M&S ones especially!

    Miggito - that's a great story about having an affair!

  • Miggito, I've had swelling on the top outside in front of my right ankle if that makes sense. I ran Manchester marathon last month and it was bruised and swollen at the end. Seems better, but who knows.

    I have never managed carb loading as such and at my last marathon didn't even manage to really eat the night before (with travelling) and had a small bowl of cereal in the car park before. I do however make sure to reduce carbs and up my protein on the Monday to the Wednesday/Thursday so I think all the porridge I eat on the Friday and Saturday fills up my liver with glycogen all the same. I did a 28 miler a couple of weeks ago and haven't run since (because of my foot) and seem to hav eput on half a stone!!!!! (all on my arse)

  • Am I the only one looking out the window at work delighted that the rain is on? The sun was nice but it was getting a wee bit hot!? Keep it cooler for Sundayimage

  • Ok so does a small bannoffee pie count as Carb loading? Oh damn I'm a day early as well :-/....

    Miggito and Edinburghemma- you do realise you sound certifiable ( in a good way)....I was thinking today how tired my legs felt for a 3.5 mile jog and then I thought of you guys determind to get round with injuries image...

    Hubby said at the weekend that I should make this my last ( only done 1 other), because it effects our weekends too much. I don't do all the training and only a 16, 18, 20 miler, but clearly too much at times. I was wondering if it was more of an issue because I'm female but listening to you guys I realise it's a problem because we are out for hours on end when other half has to man the fort with little ones...

    Time wise I was naughty and put down a time lower than I expect to achieve but this was in response to Paris where I was in the righ pen but it seemed as if every other fecker was in a pen above!!! Cue weaving and breaking my neck in the congested parts...urggh. So I vowed I wouldn't do that again. However, it feels good to be passing rather than being passed so let's see how it goes.

    I'm flying back to Paris Monday afternoon, otherwise I would be up for the meet up in the Oxford bar- I LOVE Rebus!!

    Hillheader do you know if there is generally a Q for the loo's en route?? I'm trying to plan my loo stops ;O..

    Good luck with the nerves these last few days...

  • Cbo. Mega queues for loos! London road has lots of bushes - inc. 'womens' bushes! Not sure about Regents. 

    That's a bit unfair asking this to be your last. Running can be a bit selfish at times but no worse than watching TV or playing on the Xbox etc. 

    Dave, weather is looking good. 4deg and sleet here in Aberdeenshire. 

  • Hi guys, only my 3rd post on here, I'm looking for someone to put my mind at ease for sunday, my excitement is now outweighing my nerves, I've been running since last July, began my marathon training in January, the furthest I've gone is between 17-18 miles.(numerous times). I'm a new father so have found it difficult to commit hours to my training.

    I'm curious as to whether experienced marathon runners think ill cope with the extra 7-8 miles.Im fully aware of the pain, the determination it requires, and the discipline it will take to push myself to the end. Youre feedback and advice would be greatly appreciated guys.


    P.s all the best to everyone taking part on sunday you're posts have been so helpful and very inspiring.


  • Anthony, starting back in January with several good long runs banked; you should manage just fine. Many people have completed marathons with much less. Just enjoy the experience and don't get carried away at the start!

  • Thanks for that response, I needed someone with your experience to re-assure me i'd be "ok", image


    My intention is to start off VERY slow, just to be sure I've got plenty in the tank for the last 10.


    Good luck

  • Hillheader bushes are good. The Q's at Paris were ridiculous so I go when and where I need to go image. I actually saw one women in the bois de vincennes going about half a mile off course to go to the park's loos. As I mentioned before I'm not that vain.

    My hubby was concerned about my 'age' as well. I'm 38, and when I said Marathons an onder persons sport there wasn't much scope there...We also have very busy lives. It was more a systemic comment rather than specific. He certainly knows what I'm like when I'm not running, and that isn't as good as when I am. Part of the reason I decided to try these forums was because I have to train alone and no one here shares my passion for running, so this forum has been great to actually get my head in a space where I am getting excited and focused about the challange ahead.

    Anthony firstly congratulations on becoming a new father!! Daunting and exhilerating at the same timeimage. Secondly I wish you the very very best of luck for Sunday. What a great achievement getting any training in at such an intense and demanding time in your life.

  • Iain LoveIain Love ✭✭✭

    anthony - you will be well prepared.. i ran last year with only doing a couple of 15s and one 19 mile run..the last few miles were tough but the support from the crowd was great. enjoy the day and good luck at fatherhood.

  • SesamoidSesamoid ✭✭✭

    Thanks Emma, makes perfect sense, same sort of area as me - hope it holds out for you, I'm sort of growing accustomed to my lump now but will definitely be getting it checked properly after the Marathon!

    CBO - Backing up what Hillheader says in that loos are not great at Edinburgh, not enough and always mobbed (and that's just from my 1/2 experiences) however there are plenty places to go along the course. You're definitely not old (as you're younger than me  image) but following from your previous post and Nell's comments that's excactly the reason I get up early to run so I can keep everyone (semi) happy! I have two young sons and by the time I get back midweek they're just getting up (along with wife!!!), it's only really an issue for 20 or so milers at weekends when I get back a wee bit later and if the kids are not behaving then it suddenly becomes a selfish hobby etc etc. Guess there's just got to be a bit of understanding and compromise on both sides. My wife knows how running benefits me but she also knows I can be a miserable arse when things not going to plan - like now image 

    That said, I feel much better today, woke up at half 4 for some reason, birds were singing and sun was shining. Cold felt almost away so threw on the gear and went for an easy 4 miles. Felt good to get a run in and foot "behaved" although a wee bit tender and sore now but what's another 22 miles?!?!?

    Anthony - congratulations, you've done well to get that amount of training in with a wee one! You'll do great, you'll be surprised at how much you will have done compared to others who have missed due to injury / undertraining etc. Good luck!

  • Iain LoveIain Love ✭✭✭

    Miggito - you are lucky you can get up that early for a run. Im up at 5 for work so couldnt get up any earlier. Most of my runs are done after 7pm when kids are in bed.

    Hope my training hasnt been compremised cause the last 4 weeks have I've had an injury then  illness. Oh well, what will be will  be.

    looks like the weather will be quite cool...

  • Final "training" run completed last night, last of a 3 race 5 mile series at Gt Yarmouth - couldn't resist going for an over 50 PB - which in doing 37:09 I did by 50 seconds!  Complete rest now until Sunday morning.

  • Iain I think we are in the minority of people wishing the tempretures down that day. latest Met office puts it at 15 deg at 13.00 and 16 at 16.00. Not ideal, but not as bad as it could be.

    Robin Congrats on a PB, that must feel good going in to Sunday image. Well done.

    Miggito- If I ever do anything like this again ( at mile 21 I swore blind last year NEVER again), I would have to rework my schedule. It is a selfish hobby, but the only way I can cope with a husband who works away a lot, my work commitments and a 3 and 7 yr old who have an intense school life with LONG holidays (also no school in France on a Weds).

    Wise words spoken by many- I know of quite a few who have undertaken a marathon without 'adequate' training. One was a guy my husband worked with in the UK who was running for charity but injured himself 17 weeks out. Therefore, he hadn't actually ran 1 mile in the 16 wk lead up ( he cross trained etc, but NO running) and he still did a decent time image.. AS my dad often says ( maybe to make me feel better I can never do all the training), it depends on your 'tank' if you've got it you've got it, the rest training makes up. So I'm guessing we will all be ok on the day.

    Now I'm waffling.....nerves.....got to catch a plane.


  • Iain LoveIain Love ✭✭✭

    Cbo - Since most of my training has been done in the winter id prefer the cooler temps. Last year was a killer they said it was 26 deg out on the course. I hope to be finished by 13:00 anyway if everything goes to plan. just not looking forward to the 8hr car journey upto edinburgh with 2 young kids. oh well will be good to see the folks again..


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