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  • 12 degrees would be better than 16, but sunshine, and a very light cooling breeze off the sea makes the forecast almost as good as it could possibly be!  No fighting strong winds or lashing rain on this one by the look of it.

  • Really excited about running my first marathon and making my first trip to Edinburgh this weekend. I have a question, which I hope isn't too daft, but I'm a bit worried about my pre race breakfast....

    We're staying in a the Tune hotel which is a budget hotel across the road from Haymarket station - I don't know if they have any breakfast facilities and if not, I'm not sure what my best option will be. Will there be loads of places in the city or near the hotel where I can get my hands on a bowl of porridge and a couple of bananas on the Sunday morning, or should I look into other options? I have bought myself one of those porridge snackpot things, so if worst comes to worst, I just have to get some boiling water from somewhere (there's no kettle in the hotel room!)

    Cheers for any advice!

  • Hi worzel1889... Malt loaf is a good source of Carb, the soreen ready sliced is good, you could always take some with you and if worst comes to worst eat that!imageimage

  • That's a great shout. I'll definitely be packing an emergency malt loaf, along with a few bananas. Cheers for the suggestion!

  • ElliotWorthElliotWorth ✭✭✭

    i keep marathon morning breakfast fairly light (probably cup of tea & toasted bagel with jam) + it's also good to get it in 2-3 hours before you run. I usually pop an immodium around this time as well, just to be on the safe side..! image

  • Yeah that was my main worry really, getting out and finding something early enough to give it plenty of time to go down. As it goes, I've just been leant a travel kettle so I should be OK to sort my porridge snack pot out in the comfort of my hotel room! image

  • Fully psyched up for this now, I've been following this thread for a few days for some last minute motivation. 

    I suffered badly here in the heat in 2010 and dragged myself to the finish in 5:35, had an even bigger shocker the following year in London so I'm returning with avengance this year and hoping to break the 4 hour barrier!

  • Kevin - Edinburgh has been hot on many occasions for the marathon last year especially - hopefully cooler this time and you have a better race. Running faster means you are out for less so should be easier!!

    I struggle to eat much for breakfast but agree with Elliot - 2 or so hours before running is good - easy enough for this late start. Portable porridge pot sounds like a great idea.

    Well done Miggito on your early run.

    That sounds like a tough ride Iain you have planned - best of luck. The marathon will be a doddle after that.

    My cold definitely receding now. Should hopefully be gone just in time. 

  • Hi All

    Last run done tonight,then its load the car in the morning and a 6 hr drive up to


    Can't wait.

    Good luck everyone.
  • Iain LoveIain Love ✭✭✭

    at least im not the only one doing s long drive... driving from london tomorrow evening... yay. 

    all the best for race day.

  • Well done Miggito on your painfree run. I managed a 6 today so am pleased.

    Worzel, if you're on Regent Road start there is a Starbucks just round the corner. It should be open I think, and they have porridge. Actually I may just check their website..

    Just checked and it opens at 6.30. So you could always relax in there, though it may be mobbed if you leave it too late.

    Also I recommend Waverley station for the loos.

    I'm getting excited with all this marathon chat.

    I'm reading Running Crazy at the moment..


    It's very inspiring.

    Good luck on the driving Iain. Stay safe.

  • Well I'm finally safe and sound in Edinburgh now after getting to the airport and bring prevented from check in due to a unattended baggage scare-q police and army and not knowing if we would make flight. Made flight with 2 strung out tired kids in tow only to realise on the plane I had lost my best waterproof jacket that has my office keys inside. So everyone else I'm feeling your travelling with kids pain!!

    Had a chippy for dinner-too exhausted to go to supermarket. Will try better tomorrow!!! Anyone else going to do a few gentle miles before Sunday? I did 4 miles on weds and nothing else. 

    Kevin I'm sure you'll have a good race this year!!!



  • Iain LoveIain Love ✭✭✭

    Ill do a casual 4-5 in my full kit on sat evening just to settle the nerves but been a very lean couple of weeks, thankfully cold has gone so all fighting fit apart from being tender after my massage today!!

    thanks Edinburghemma. OH will do most the driving as she gets car sick when i drive so my job will be dj and entertainer.. lol

  • Thanks Edinburghemma, that's really helpful. Deffo got a few options open now so that makes breakfast one less thing to worry about! And less worrying means there's more room for excitement!

    Cheers again for all the helpful replies and good luck everyone.

  • SesamoidSesamoid ✭✭✭

    Feeding all these carbs into me I just want to sleep now, not run! Got a wee massage this morning - feel a lot looser so fingers crossed all will be well on Sunday!

    Last post from me so good luck everyone, hope you all get what you want out of the race on Sunday and I'll look forward to hearing the stories, hopefully all positive image

    Wee note re toilets at Waverley, they charge you 20p if I remeber correctly so you'll need some change! Alternatively you could sneak into the pub ones! image

  • Iain LoveIain Love ✭✭✭

    the good thing with waverley is they are nice and clean so 20p isnt too bad. There are change machines there too. Good luck to all of you... what pens are you all in???

    im in the red on London Rd start?

  • Could we get descriptions and numbers of anyone interested - I'll try and recognise someone at least - at start, along course or at finish.

    HH - an orange MS vest, a hat, white start at London rd. number 2688.

  • cant remember my number, black and white top, white hat,  black capri tights with black running skirt on top. yellow pen at London Road. Flying out early tomorrow morning to Edinburgh so wont be on here again until after the event.

    Good luck everyone!image

  • Iain LoveIain Love ✭✭✭

    my number is 634 im in the red pen london rd. got a prostate cancer uk vest on with my name on it.

  • Bags all packed.

    Drive from Manchester to Edinburgh Saturday afternoon, feet up in the hotel watching the fitba Saturday night, go for a 26.2mile run on Sunday, followed by some beer in Rose St and/or Grassmarket Sunday afternoon - in fact anywhere that sells beer.  Hopefully fit in a Scottish curry along the way.  Then drive back to Manc on Monday.

    Looking at the forecast I might even get a tan.

    Can't figure out whether to go steady and try and get a marginal PB or whether to 'go for it' and try and get a good PB.  The problem with 'going for it' is that if you fail you crash and burn, if you succeed you might never PB again.

    The dilemmas of a runner.

  • Every time I check the forecast. the temperature has gone up by a degree.

    For those coming in to Edinburgh, today it's beautiful sunny weather but still a cold nip in the air. Seems like that will be gone on Sunday though.

    Did my last run this morning. Actually the first time I've ever gone for a run before work. Seems like ages since my last long run, although it's only been 12 days. Tapering is a real thing, right?

  • Why is it that the only time Edinburgh has a heatwave I happen to be running in it and suffering??? There shall be no 'cold nip' in the air on Sunday I'm betting. I'm hoping for showers.

    As for carb loading I ate very little the night before or on the morning of Manchester last month and hada great race, I think in part because I felt 'lighter', so I am not eating a lot this time. Still pondering bananas for the actual race. I run with bananas and slowly squash them without realising, look like a complete tool carrying black, soggy bananas by mile 10.

    By the way, you're all on London Road and are therefore hardcore badass types. I am on Regent Road and am in your shadow. Sigh. I salute you.

  • driving up from chester at 10.30 am Saturday....Hilton airport hotel tomorrow night...big eats and some wine...big run on the cards...hopefully !!!

  • Do i have a glass or red with my pasta tonight ??????

    Goodluck to everyone running tomorrow I've decided to stop stressing (it's my marathon cherry) and try enjoy the occasion.. If I enjoy it enough I might do another one.. And after all I've actually enjoyed the training runs and having a set goal to work towards... 

    Good luck to all 

  • Iain LoveIain Love ✭✭✭

    gavin - i dont know anyone that has only ever done one marathon. good luck and enjoy..

  • I'm only doing the half... but I'm so excited!! 

    All of you running the full marathon have my admiration... I'll be by the side somewhere (probably collapsed in a heap!) cheering you on. Good luck guys and  don't forget the sunscreen! image

  • Now chilling at the Edinburgh inlaws. Beautiful evening. 

    Hope that you all endure and enjoy the race. Thanks for all the postings and encouragements over the last few months.

  • Been pretty relaxed all week but I'm getting pretty anxious now. Second guessing everything. Did I taper too much? Could I have eaten better this week? What do I eat tomorrow? How bad is this cold I have? What if it's too hot? etc etc

    I know it'll be fine though

  • Iain LoveIain Love ✭✭✭

    join the club mankinduk i went from injury to illness so not sure what i can do but ill get my head down, grit my teeth and finish. good luck.

  • Great reading all these comments. First marathon for me, way out of my comfort zone so can't wait to see the finish line. Final thoughts are running cap or buff? A buff can be soaked with cool water to keep the temperature down if its as hot as today. Definitely bringing the shades to avoid eye squint/strain. 

    Happy running

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