Edinburgh Marathon



  • Naw, you won't. Far as I remember, slowest time last year was well over 6 hours. But even if you WERE last, so what. I've come joint last in races twice, and got as loud and welcoming a reception from the finish line marshals as any they could have given the faster folk. There's no embarrassment in being last, not in my mind anyway. Dorset's a heck of a way to travel though. You must be really keen! image
  • Fingers crossed then. Got my second vlm rejection letter & my lovely sister (& biggest supporter) suggested I find a different one to do. I'm not really sure why I chose this one, think it was because I'd never been to Scotland.
  • Malindi

    You won't be last because i'm doing it! image

    Really looking forward to it, just caught a bad cold and stuck indoors which is so annoying.
  • Oh dear...been there! My last race was 23/09, I've run only 7 times since then instead of my usual 18 due to one illness or another. It's so frustrating!
  • I'm doing kilomarathon tomorrow then if I survive my entry will be going in. Just wondering should I wear winter kit tomz as seen snow today
  • Lisa. Good luck today, have a good run
  • Let us know how you get on Lisa
  • Right....Man Flu gone...Shoes on...Lets Go Annett boy.

    OK, maybe in the morning(It's a bit Late).

    So Lisa has seen SNOW already? Where?

    How did you get on Lisa?

    How's everyone else's Training going?
  • it was in London on Saturday for few mins but sister put photo of her garden in Nottingham light sprinkle over it. I'm really disappointed with my time and beating self up as took me 3 hour 2 min and 22 to do 26.2km. I got diagnosed with asthma 3 weeks ago today and its not under control yet and at 15km I had an attack. Found hard after that and slowed right down. At mo I don't believe I ever run a marathon. I'm going have month break download a plan and train for one without commitment till a month before. Then I know I am ready.

    Thank god for thermals yesterday and even then I couldn't get warm till had shower when I finished.

    Anyone had just one toe burn when running? I expecting it b black but nothing on it.
  • Don't beat yourself up, I had asthma as a child & could never have completed any distance running. You will get your breathing under control eventually. Your idea for training sounds good to me. Well done again on your race.
  • Thanks up to the attack I was doing about 5.30km. But it was the worst race I ever done. Said it was a road race and was for first 5km that's it. So had dodge huge puddles. It was most lonely race iv ever done even the Marshall showed no support at all. I could count on one hand who did. Even competitors didn't talk. It was so unfriendly. I came 47 from last but my partner had find first aid to get me a foil as I shivering but not given one. Sorry for moan
  • That does sound very miserable, you don't need that when you are having a bad time. That's probably what set your asthma off, I only get it now when I'm stressed.Sounds like one to leave off your race calendar next year. You need a nice friendly Xmas fun run to restore your faith. Keep your chin up. Oh and give an honest race report.
  • Lisa, don't worry about your time, you are still out there doing what the majority of people only think of from their sofa's! Especially if you have just been diagnosed with asthma. Mydads girlfriend hasasthma and has managed several marathons, hopefully you will be the same once you have it under control. Well done on your race.
  • Anybody given the bart yasso 800's a go?
  • Lisa, don't worry about your time, you are still out there doing what the majority of people only think of from their sofa's! Especially if you have just been diagnosed with asthma. Mydads girlfriend hasasthma and has managed several marathons, hopefully you will be the same once you have it under control. Well done on your race.
  • Just signed up for this one too, been out of the running game for a year or so and haven't done a full marathon for 2 years so figured this is the kick up the arse to get myself motivated again! Looking forward to a weekend in Edinburgh too, anyone got any good reccomendations for hotels??? image

  • Hi Hill1

    I was going to book the Novohotel in the city, But they were charging ??457 for fri/sat/sun, which wasn't that bad for a long weekend.

    But I then found out the hotel has a private car park and charges ??15 every exit

    So I have now booked a Premier Inn in Duddingston,Which is not far from start or Finish and is close to all attraction's. Family of 4 ??357 with FREE parking.
  • ??15 to get your own car out? That's ridiculous. I'm looking for somewhere to stay with my sister so might try premier inn. Are there any b&b's near the start?
  • Well, 4 miles last night and a fresh 2.5 miles this morning - back onit but a long, long way to go image

    Thanks for the hotel info Gary, I'll have a look into it image

  • Do the race numbers get sent out in the post or do we have to pick them up from somewhere race weekend??

  • hi everyone image hope everyone's training is going well and if anyone needs advice on accommodation or transport links please feel free to ask as I live close by. You will save a lot of money by staying outside of the city centre and travelling to the start. A local B&B to myself has great prices (also free parking) and is only 40 mins drive to the start which is a very easy drive, and easy parking once there.

    I done the Edinburgh half this year and found everything to be well organised. I will be entering the Edinburgh marathon soon but having just completed Frankfurt marathon I am having a few weeks recovery image

  • Steve1982 What are taxi price's like as I will probably be flying up?
  • They are not to bad in the city centre...getting back from the finish area is easy enough as there are two local train stations nearby. Unfortunately though Edinburgh is a nightmare at the minute as they are still working on the tram lines, thus why I would stay outside Edinburgh and travel in. Any other questions please again feel free to ask.

  • Hi

    did Edinburgh as my first marathon this year and absolutely loved it - could have run another 10k was so high at end! Ran Chester 3 weeks ago and whilst did a better faster run, missed the atmosphere, support and scenery of Edinburgh! YOu will love it!

    we stayed in Brewsters Hostel directly on the Royal Mile for £20 a night in a shared hostel room. 5 mins from station and start of race and even better had a kitchen to make up porridge, eat bananas and drink tea with fellow marathon/ half marathon runners. The night was a little bit disturbed, but you're running on adrenaline so not sure I would have slept well anywhere! It was all part of the adventure!

    You will have a great time...wonder what the medals will look like this year?

  • Hi Steve

    I'm staying in Duddingston at the Premier Inn,Which I think is in between start and finish?

    We have a car,but would you advise commuting into the city?


  • Just had to let you all know of a great running plan on the Asics.co.uk website.

    Just enter you time for a recent run,and it will give you an estimated time for your marathon.

    I know it sounds like most plans out there.but believe me its amazing!

    It gives you free advice on training,and gives you a pre build up plan.

    Paces you should start out at and you can shuffle the days to suit you.

    Am i going on like im selling it?


    Select running then My Asics.
  • I've used them before, they are really good. I'm using the runnersworld Garmin ready ones atm as they include speed sessions, which I avoid otherwise. I don't have a Garmin but I do use runkeeper so I can keep track of distance & pace.
  • Hi Gary, I would get a taxi to the start area as you are only a couple of miles outside then get a taxi back from the finish to your hotel...see the problem is after the marathon you will not want to walk to a local train station (about 1 mile to Wallyford) then from the train station to your hotel (about 3/4mile)...think that is your best bet image plus getting a taxi will prob work out cheaper than parking your car in Edinburgh image

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