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  • Training going ok although I really struggled last night. Felt like I had cramp in my right calf and was struggling with breathing. I hope my asthma isn't coming back. It may just be cos it was cold & windy. Fingers crossed.
  • Hi Steve

    Thanks for the info,taxi sounds good but I think we are going to drive in, as so the kids can see me at the start and then do whatever they like for nearly five hour's lol.

    My wife was thinking of taking them to the beach and a nice walk.

    Then after all there exertions they can pick me up of the floor at the finish.

    Hi Malindi

    It's getting really cold now, I hope the asthma stay's away for you.
  • nice 15 miler done on Friday, thought if i keep up a 15 miler every other weekend I wont have lost my marathon fitness from the Liverpool marathon last month and will be able to do more 20 plus milers this time.image

  • Hi

    This will be my first marathon. I've done 10k's and half marathons in the past but my last race was the Edinburgh half in 2008. Was interested to read the posts on accomodation. I live on the west coast and have previously travelled through the morning of the race. The last time the parking at Musselburgh race course was fine. Not sure if it will be the same for the the marathon. Would be interest in your advice.

  • Well done RdRunner.

    15 Miles is excellent,

    This is where i'm confused though? (not very hard to confuse me lol).

    I have been searching for a pre marathon plan which will build my mileage up before I start my actual training plan.

    The one's that I have looked at only give you a maximum long run of 5 miles.

    If I were to try to run let's say 12 miles on a Sunday,and every other Sunday try and do the same.Once I start my training plan I might not run 12 miles again for 6-7weeks.(Continuation of the plan).

    So what I'm trying to say is,If my weekly mileage is now 35 say and when I start my Plan it will drop to 20miles.

    Is that good for me?
  • Hi Grey

    I really don't know to be honest what the Parking will be like on the Sunday.

    I'm staying in duddlington just outside Musselburgh and my wife will be collecting me from the finish.

    Steve 1982 is your best bet for advice on that one.

    I'm glad you will be joining the Edinburgh Marathon virgin's club, It's my first as well and I'm really looking forward to it (Honest).


  • Hi Gary,

    If you are going to be doing 12 milers every other week before you start your plan you could either just drop back your mileage and start from the beginning of your training plan or start the plan at week 3 or 4 (where ever the 12 miler starts), it wont harm you to drop back down though, the rest may well be beneficial by the time you start your training plan!

  • Hey Gary and Grey, this year they had buses (for a small fee!!)  that can get you back to Edinburgh, The bus stop is a LONG way from the finish but I'd say the walk does you good!! and you see the other runners coming in! but word to the wise, if you do decide to take the bus back make sure you take water with you on the walk!

  • Was thinking about getting dropped off near the and picked up again at the finish. Not sure if this will be possible with road closures etc

  • Hey everyone.

    I'm planning on signing up to the Edinburgh Marathon, which would be my first marathon. Came across this (Runners World) forum as I was searching online to see if it would be possible to train for a marathon in six months. Seems to be a few people who have started from scratch and managed to complete a marathon within 22 weeks training which is encouraging.

    I only started running in September, following a five stone weight loss after joining a gym at the start of May this year. The gym started to become monotonous (I went 4-5 times a week for four months solid) and so I decided to try running and have kinda caught the bug. I recently ran the Mo Running Glasgow 5k in just over 28 minutes and immediately wanted to sign up to something that I could focus my attention on for next year.

    Most logical step would be to do a 10k, then half marathon but upon reading about the Edinburgh marathon, it seems to make sense (in a non-sensical way!) that this is what I should be striving towards.

    I've had a plan made online from Asics which starts on 10th December and sets a goal of 4h 44 mins based on my current level of running.

    What's the opinion on here? Should I put off the idea of a marathon for a while or go for it? My wife and best mate think it's a crazy idea and I should go for the half marathon.


  • my advice for what its worth is....

    A marathon has to be respected! It is after all a very long way, the training can be at times very hard, when you look at a training plan on paper it just looks like numbers, when your pounding the pavements for 15, 18, 20 mile runs it feels really quite different! If you did work towards some shorter races, you would discover for yourself how well you cope with races and how to pace yourself, and maybe better prepared for when you do do a marathon,  rather than jumping in with both feet and not get the finish what you want!

    What ever you decide just stay safe, the last thing you want to do is over do it and end up with an injury!!

  • Hey tigger,

    Thanks for the feedback. I get your point about jumping in with two feet and not getting the finish I want. To be honest, I want to do the marathon solely for the achievement of having completed one, my time won't mean too much to me. After years of sitting on my arse watching TV, I've proven to myself this year that if I work hard and dedicate myself to something, I can actually achieve something worthwhile. When I joined the gym earlier this year, I did at first doubt if I would give it the commitment required to lose a substantial amount of weight and get myself fit. Despite finding it tough going, I knew the reward was high and I managed to stay motivated enough to keep with my programme.

    I do have an enormous amount of respect for the marathon and for marathon runners. Six months ago I would have never even dreamed about considering a marathon - it was something that only a select few ever did. I'm aware it'll be a long and arduous training programme and that I'll want to chcuk it all in a few times along the way. Strangely though, I'm still attracted to the idea!

  • I think as you have already made your mind up Grae!!

  • image I was just thinking that whilst reading my post back.

    In fact, that's settled it. What do I have to lose? £50 entry fee?

    My training plan begins in a couple of weeks and I'm already doing a few runs per week at the moment (about 10-12k per week). I can sign up for a couple of 10k races along the way for race day experience. The worst case scenario is that I drop out of training and lose the money, but even that scenario involves me having at least completed part of my training which will do me good anyway.


    Edit: Signed up and paid for.  Now all I need to do is run it.

  • Are you currently a member of a running club?


  • Green and white tigger wrote (see)

    Are you currently a member of a running club?


    No, I need to be fairly flexible about when I run. I work full time, I'm doing a full time university course and have a young family so I have to fit my runs in between commitments associated with those. My plan allows for running three times a week which I will defintely find the time for, just not necessarily at a pre-arranged time.

  • I would recommend it, even if you can not do a regular time you may find others doing Edinburgh or in fact training for a marathon.  And you never know you may be able to get the odd week, It is very different running with a club you get pushed without realising! not to mention races, its makes a difference when you have the clubs support! I thought it was quite scary before I joined and that they would all be elite runners, but the truth is we all have one big thing in common we run, good or bad run, competitive or not makes no odds!

  • If you can join a club do. I am a leader with a club and we welcome anyone. We don't expect our members to run every week. Even if you only manage once every 3 or 4 weeks you would be surprised how much you gain from it, even if its just emotional support. :0)
  • Oh & grae....how do you fit all that in & still find time to post on forums?
  • I'll have a look-see what local running groups there are near me then. I've thought about running with a group before but always been a bit apprehensive that my pace wouldn't allow me to keep up, especially with being quite new to running. I don't suppose it'd do any harm to find out.

    malindi bailey wrote (see)
    Oh & grae....how do you fit all that in & still find time to post on forums?

    There's always room for procrastination. image

  • I'm a leader at our group & am probably one of the slowest. If they don't welcome you with open arms move on to the next one.

    I have to say I'm feeling a little ...oh I don't know...deflated? Edinburgh will be my first ever marathon, the same distance as every other marathon & yet because its not London people seem less impressed. Is anyone else finding this?
  • I found that last year! but as I organised a group of 15 of us to go up to Edinburgh for the weekend and sorted out hoodys for us all the deflation didn't last long!!

  • Grae... well done on your weignt loss, thats amazing, you certainly sound determined enough to complete a marathon and all the training that goes with it! good luckimage

  • Thanks Rdrunner!

  • Hi Grae

    Go for it!

    Well done on your weight loss, I too lost copious amount's of belly bulge and had to replace my entire wardrobe.

    This is my first Marathon, and I have only done half marathons with the odd couple of 10k's.

    I'm not as knowledgeable as the other guy's and Gal's on this forum,but if you can lose 5 stone in weight then you will have the determination to achieve your goal.

    I wouldn't rush into your training or even worry about a completion time,, just go with the flow on your training plan and the long runs will soon come enough.

    I'm just building a good base at the moment with my running in preparation for my plan which take's effect around January.

    But anyway well done for taking up running and the very best of luck to you.
  • Cheers Gary. My plan starts on 11th December so I've just been doing some light running a few times in the last week. I'll keep that up until the the training proper begins in earnest. The plan I have has a guideline time based on the training schedule so I guess it makes sense to work towards that. Good luck with your training. I'll hopefully read about it between now and May so I'll save the race good luck wishes til nearer the time! image

  • Looking at running edinburgh marathon it would be my 1st marathon is it a good one to start with ran the Glasgow half last year and the edinburgh 10k times were 1.38 Glasgow 42mins edinburgh what time should I be looking at doing the marathon only been running for 6 months been more into cycling but now got running bug
  • Craig - it's a very good marathon. Plenty of people but not too many was my experience. I will definitely do it again at some point. With another sixc months training behind you you should be capable of quite a bit but depends on your age and how much you can commit timewise.

    If you have a cycling background then your aerobic base should be sound. If I were you I'd think about looking at the sub 3:30 thread (or even the sub 3;15). You'll get all the advice you need on those forums and there are some fantastic runners on there who will be far better placed to advise of your potential.

    Good luck - go for it!

  • I did my first marathon in Edinburgh this year and enjoyed it.  The crowd support was good but boy was it hot!  I carried 2 litres of water, drank the lot and took water from the stations as well as umpteen energy gels!  Apparently the year before was cold and windy so be prepared for either set of conditions.  I have to admit that gravel in the woods at about 20miles was a bit of a shock...  The organisation was great, no complaints there from me and Edinburgh is a great city to visit.  I love my medal and t-shirt and there's nothing like crossing that finishing line and declaring to the world that you are now officially a Marathon Runner! image

  • Hey Elizabeth! It was my first too and I so agree with you the feeling is amazing! Very emotional I cryed and hugged a runner I had been with since about 20 miles!!! although the water station before the hill up to the woods dryed up before we got there!

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