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  • 13 mile run done tonight......scary when you think it's only halfway!!!!!!!
  • I'm another first timer, I did the half last year and decided to bite the bullet and try the full.  I'm a bit worried that it's going to be as hot as last year and I'm still undecided about how much fluid to take with me, especially with stories of water stations drying up...

    scary that the official 16 week countdown starts on Monday, thanks for that Bobbis image but there's a little part of me that just wants to get on with it image

  • Hi everyone, just like so many of you, I'm tackling my first marathon in Edinburgh in May. I think I'm becomming obsessed thinking about it!!!

    Absolutely hated running as a chubby, overweight kid and was third slowest in my year at sec school.  Now at the age of 52 (I'll be 53 in May) I've taken up running seriously and train about five times a week.

    Ran a 16 miler today, furthest I've ever run in my life, in 2hrs 19 mins. I know I'm ahead of schedule on Higdon programme plans etc and obviously don't want to get injured by doing too much too soon. Any advice will be greatly appreciated. 

    My two goals are to complete the marathon and hopefully break 4hrs. Don't know if that is pie in the sky! I'm running Blackpool half at beginning of April to get a feel to a race environment.

    Good luck to everyone in the coming months and stay injury-free.


  • Blackpool is a nice flat one along the sea front ! Not able to offer words of wisdom as I am a long time half marathoner, stepping up to the full distance. I did 18 on Friday, but again don't want to do too much and get injured, so will sort of stick to a 16 week plan but maybe keep the mileage at the start nearer to what I have been doing. Hey, it's a long way whatever you do !
  • This will be my 3rd marathon...unfortunately I have tendenitis so training is only just beginning but I am looking forward to it - I think image I ran the Edinburgh half last year and it was hot so really hoping it is not too hot this year. I live 30 miles away and it is a rariety for it to be that hot image Hope everyones training is going well and be good to chat with you all as we get ever closer and share our training highs and lows.

  • Hi all.

    Roger "Ran a 16 miler today, furthest I've ever run in my life, in 2hrs 19 mins."

    excellent you should easily do it under 4 hrs, just remember to wait for me lol.

    I am still plodding on with my farthest so far this year being 13.6 in 2 hrs 05 min which is well below the pace my Asics wanted me to run at (13.4 Minute Miles).

    I'm feeling quite good about myself losing a little bit of poundage along the way.

    I hope that everyone is still motivated and excited?

    Soon I hope I will be able to go out for a run without my wellies and umbrella image
  • Thanks for the vote of confidence Gary. Scaled my long run back to 12 miles this weekend and ran it slighty slower - possibly a result of the chicken tikka bhuna and the too many to count glasses of shiraz I had Saturday night with the other half. I suppose will have to improve the discipline in the coming weeks. Still, it was nice to run past the Aston Villa training ground while singing Keep Right On To The End Of The Road. I thought it was quite poignant.  

  • Hi all.

    I went out for a nice 10 miler yesterday and have to confess it was an absolute nightmare.

    I started off well and settled into my running pace(10mm),and at approx 6.5 miles I was shattered!! image. I had to stop and walk for a minute or two and then carried on only to stop again after another few miles.

    I was totally testicled, but somehow managed to get home.

    Has anyone else had this kind of run?

    I took two small bottles of water with me but maybe that wasn't enough.

    Maybe I should take a leaf out of Roger's book and have me a nice glass of wine and a curry before hand.

    Hope everyone is doing well in there training.
  • Hello Folks,

    I am just putting together my training plan for Edinburgh (my first marathon!) and wonder whether anyone else has any thoughts or alternate recommendations on the 16 week programme on the official website?

    I have a reasonable base level of 10-20 miles per week and would like 4hrs or less but struggle with a few niggles after clocking much over 30m/week...

    Any thoughts would be most appreciated!

  • Try the higdon I got that plan on the web
  • Lots of interesting posts and lots of people going for their first marathon at Edinburgh. Hope training goes well for you all - well done Roger - looking good.

    I've not been a good one for schedules but a gradual build up with no week being more than 10% harder than the last (a common rule that helps limit injury). A pretty randon selection from tempo, slower recovery, at least one long run, some hills and an interval session. There are formal schedules for those who lead more organised lives than me.

    Sambo - If you get niggles with the longer miles, try a hard week followed by an easier week with more cross training?

    Gary - some runs can be a disaster. Not sure it would be lack of water if cool and you took some water with you. See what happens next time?

  • Did a ten miler today in 1hr 27mims, feeling pretty good, did a 4 miler yesterday to get some fatigue into the legs so that I don't just cruise round without feeling it a bit today.

    Downside at the moment is that I'm between trainers and having had a new set fitted at Sweat Shop, I'm struggling to adjust to them. I'm using the new ones for shorter distances whilst they bed in (I.e 100% certain I won't blister) and the old ones for long runs.
  • Anybody doing rock and roll edinburgh as part of training
  • Well done maccydee. Did my first 18 miler yesterday.. Garmin ran out of battery about 16 miles aaaaghh but I think it would be about 2 hours 40.... Not including stop for Ribera and a fudge haha.......

    My idea is to alternate long run ie 18 or 20 with say 12 and 14 each week as i really can't do long runs on consecutive weeks but got plenty of time to get quite a few long runs in.
  • Hi Janie, I am doing very similar times and have the same idea as you, I have been alternating 17 miles with 12 miles and now plan to do 18 this weekend with 12 the following and then maybe 3 x 20's and 2 x 22's with alternating 12 milers in between. fingers crossed this should get me at my goal of under 3.50 in the marathon!

  • Yeah same goal for me Rdrunner fingers crossed...... Feel like my body needs time to recover from the long run so this approach suits me better and psycologically as well can deal with it much better!!!

    Did you use this method for Liverpool marathon?
  • Well tonight was suppose to be 5 miles and then some intervals but my Achilles is killing, came from no where??.. Completed the 5 miles but no intervals image
  • Janie .. No, with the Liverpool I stuck to the hal higdon intermediate plan, incresing slowly each week with every third week a step back week, with only 2x 20 milers. I have been maintaining 15 or 17 milers every other week since the liverpool marathon so no need to build this time which gives me more time for more long runs with the weeks recovery inbetween (my legs need this recovery and it helps avoid injury!). dont know if this plan will work but hope so! under 3hours 50 gives GFA entry into the London marathon.

  • Help!.. Woken up this morning after my achilles issues last night and it's very sore and looking swollen. Any advice, I've put some ibuprofen gel on it but is there anything else I should be doing?.

  • Thanks Rdrunner for that info regarding the GFA entry....hadnt realised that!!! Well, all the more reason to get under 3.50!

    Maccydee, im no expert but id put ice on it and rest for sure.....if its that bad id probably get someone to look at it.

  • Thanks Janie, it's got worse as the day's gone on... I'm feeling very dejected at the moment image

  • Maccydee

    I feel for you also, I'm in the same boat as I have just had a setback with my knee.

    I don't know what has caused the injury but I'm feeling sick as a dog not being able to get out.

    Rest it is.

    I hope every one else is doing well
  • Hope you both get a speedy revoery - Gary and Maccydee. Frustrating I know. I was laid out for 3 months last year and still feel very close to injury again.

    Still, 16 miles gently last night and a planned 10 tonight - moonlit ascent of a local hill with club - currently snowing gently and no moon in sight.

    I'm not doing the rock and roll this year as only 4 days after a marathon. I did it last year and it was excellent. A much better course than the marathon albeit with a few hills. The organisation was good and some excellent bands along the way. The last mile down the royal mile is brill - if you have the energy left.

  • Well, I've been to a minor injury unit today, and there's no tear or rupture, which is good, although I left on crutches which isn't good... Ho hum image
  • Aw no!!!! Did they tell you what the problem is and how long to recover?
  • Ouch. Any estimate on recovery? Do you swim?

  • No not really, anything from weeks, as in two, too weeks as in 12, seemed to be the vague response when I asked. They told me that they thought it was tendonitis.

    I don't swim at the moment, do you think it will help?.

    I'm gutted but relieved that there's no tear or rupture which would have been far worse.
  • Still laid up with the injury, I'm off the crutches and feel much better so I'm hoping to be able to a little (couple of miles) at the weekend or early next week.

    Just hoping that having two and a bit weeks off injured hasn't ruined my chances of completing it. Let's hope I don't have a reaction to my first run back either..

  • Take it very easy Maccydee. Treadmills are good - softer and you can stop at slightest hint of problems.

    Some ski touring on Saturday for me. Very icy. 10 mile run on Sunday, 7 last night. No speed though.

    How are others getting on with training? 

  • 8 miles on Sunday and 12 last night back out tomorrow night and 20 miler on Friday or Saturday. All going well so far, getting a sports massage and doing lots of stretching in between runs seems to help.

    I feel for anyone who is injured......been there many times and it sucks.

    Can't believe we are into march end of this week!!!!
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