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  • Hi everyone,

    I thought I'd join this forum as I'm also doing the Edinburgh Marathon and could do with some support along the way (I think my boyfriend may leave me if he has to listen to anything more about my knee injury/ breakdown of my training plan etc ...!)

    I've done London Marathon before and quite a few halfs, and now ready to take on the marathon distance again...

    I've only been back to running for 2 weeks after a skiing injury (bloody snowboarders!) stopped me training for 4 weeks. It's still niggling, but gonna give it a go and see what happens.... slightly worried that I'm behind on training already but there's not much I can do about it now!

    Sounds like you're all doing really well already, and hope those injuries are getting better, sooo frustrating I know!

    Look forward to getting to know you all through the ups and downs of the next few months!

    Jess xxx


  • Hi All

    Well its only 12 weeks away......OMG as my daughter would say.

    Just back in training today as my knee is kinda better now.I think I over done it on this Insanity cardio workout on YouTube.

    Completed a 5 mile run in 50 minutes without any pain so I did the right thing resting.

    The worst thing about resting is , I always thought that i'm falling way behind on my schedule and that my fitness levels are going to suffer.

    But I have found this time around though with a challenge as big as a Marathon

    is that my Focus has inproved. I no longer think to myself "well i'm 40 miles behind schedule, I must up my mileage" I now think to myself "Stick to my schedule and keep going.

    Im sure being a week behind in my schedule is nothing in really.

    Sorry if this doesn't make sense to every one,but if you have been injured along the way then you probably know what im talking about.

    I'm glad that everyone is still in touch on this forum and I hope all is going well.

    I have noticed a lot of you doing really well and are in the high teen's already.

    My longest so far is 14.7 miles which is the furthest I have ran in my intire life, but the 17 mile runs are creeping ever closer.

    Good Luck and I hope you all stay injury free.

    Welcome Jess.

    It was very strange when i was out doing my five miles the today, I looked in the sky and there was a big orange thing that was very warm......

    Goodbye winter....
  • Good to see your back Gary.....!!! An easy build up and you will soon be back on track.

    19 miles today .....legs felt heavy from word go but managed to do it anyway!!

    Yeah was so nice to have the sunshine for today's run.

    Thinking of doing the rock n roll half in April....anyone else doing that?
  • Gary and Maccydee, hope your injuries are healing nicely, dont worry about a couple of weeks off, sometimes the rest does you good and you come back feeling refreshed!!.  I got a pb in half marathon yesterday of 1.40.26, havent been getting any where near that time for 5 years so well chuffed. looking forward to focusing on the full marathon now and getting some good long runs in.  Hope everyone elses training is going wellimage

  • Hi everyone.

    Gary I know exactly what you mean, I had a month off, but when there's not much you can do about it you just have to stay optimistic and persevere, and maybe readjust your goals. (Mine has changed to under 4 hours, which would still be great to, about 4.15) I doubt many people go through marathon training without some sort of illness/ injury!

    Janie, you're getting the long runs in early, what time ar you hoping for? I'm following the hal higdon intermediate plan, and will be doing 14 this weekend coming, but still a few weeks away from the really high mileage. This week was a 'cut back' week in the schedule, so only had to do 9 (felt a bit guilty considering I didn't have that much to cut back from but nevermind!)

    Rdrunner, that's a great half time; should stand you in good stead for the day. I'm doing Hastings in a few weeks, which is where I got a PB of 1.46 a few years back. No way i'll beat it but would be happy with 1.50- 2hours I think. The Hastings half is an annual family race (v. sad I know), so the competition usually gets us all slightly better times than normal!


  • Hi Jess,

    Im hoping for under 4 hours but 3.50 would be great!  I did Edinburgh 2 years ago (my first marathon) and done it in 4.09.  I only did 2 or 3 long runs in preparation for that and this time round wanted to have 5 or 6 long runs under my belt.....so starting the long runs early means i can do alternate weeks ie 18-12-20-12-22-12...I feel like doing long runs every week kills me mentally and physically so think this could work...but hey who knows!!!

    And Roadrunner that is a great half time!!

  • Hi Janie,

    Yeah that sounds like a sensible idea, I bet the 12 miles seem easy in comparison!

    Do you run your long runs considerably slower than marathon pace? In my previous marathon I think I ran them all at marathon pace which would explain why I was so knackered all the time! But also anxious about doing them too slow and not being able to maintain MP on the day....

    How was Edinburgh last time you did it? Heard it's good but v. quiet in places.


  • Jess,

    Running the long runs at 9 min miles which is a 4hr marathon so im near enough running at my target pace!! Not sure if thats the right thing to do or not. My pace doesnt change much to be honest for 5k 10k half or full!!! 

    Its a good course but yes can be quiet in places, the finishing area could have been better organised but maybe thats improved!!  The start is downhill which is great!!

    I signed up for Prague last year but got injured and couldnt do it.  Was gutted.  So back to Edinburgh this year and trying to get the balance right....want to get to that start line in one piece..!!

  • Haha, I'm generally the same, can't alter my pace much, whatever I do!

    I think I'll try and not worry about it and just run at a pace that I can maintain that feels comfortable, and if I'm feeling especially tired I'll try and hold back a bit.

    My friend did Edinburgh last year and said she didn't realise the finish was so far out, and she had to walk 6 miles to get a bus! Not an ideal way to finish the day!

  • 6 miles to get a bus?

    Does anyone know if the finish area has car parking facilities?

    I'm staying at a hotel in between the start and finish, so would like my wife and littlies to be able to see "Super Daddy" at both ends lol.
  • I don't think there is parking facilities at the finish line. The shuttle buses are about a 20 minute walk away. My daughter wasn't keen on the walk to the bus after a long day.
  • Well she said 6 miles (but perhaps there was an element of post- marathon delirium?!) It does seem a little excessive.... I think her main point was she didn't realise how far out the end was from the city centre, and she recommended for me to arrange a taxi or someone with a car to pick me up. Luckily my brother- in - law to be lives there, so will try and persuade him to fetch me from the end!

  • Ive just purchased for my birthday a Sony Walkman NWZ-W273.  I like running with music but find it a bother with the ipod and wires and earphones that fall out....so hoping this is the answer!!!

  • I'm doing Edinburgh as my first marathon and I've also signed up for the R'n'R as a training run.  In the last couple of weeks I've started to get very nervous and have lost  faith in myself.  I had a really horrible run on Sunday, when I mapped it, it was just over 14 miles but my nike+ said 16, which isn't helping me :S

    Anyway, I did the half last year and it's about 20 mins to walk from the finish line to the park and ride where the bus to Edinburgh leaves from, not ideal when you're tired. There were local buses a bit closer to the end, but you couldn't use your pre-booked tickets on those.  The area round the finish seemed to be just as well organized as any other that I've seen, so I'm hoping for the same again this year image

  • Hi Ultraviolet

    I know how you feel.I have been using Asics mobile app,and the difference between that and mapmyrun is round about 1-2 miles.

    When I think about it, if I map my run using (Mapmyrun) it maps the roads and not where I am actually running(Paths ect).

    I guess that over a difference of 10-15 miles this could just well add up to the actual difference.

    I hope this makes sense.

    Another thing you could try is to enter a half marathon to really gage your time over distance.

    Good luck in your training and I hope you continue to use this forum.


  • I'm researching alternatives to the official race buses back to the city. Do you think it will be difficult to get a taxi? From what I gather online it looks like catching the train from Musselburgh wouldn't be too bad an option, but I can't find out if anyone actually has any experience with this.

    Also, is anyone else here doing their long runs way slower than expected MP? I run about 50 seconds per kilometer slower to keep my heart rate in fat-burning zone, which I read is sensible but now I'm thinking maybe I should practice longer MP runs?

    In all my 10k and half marathon races I have been running comfortably at what I would have regarded an insanely fast pace in a training run. Apparently I react strongly to andrenaline or mental pressure? image
  • [Wrong thread]

  • Hope everyone's training going well?

    I would plan on getting a bus from the finish, but parking is available by a supporter if you are willing to walk a mile or so and be persistent in looking. Many roads will be blocked and the rest are always busy. Buses are simpler I think - or even the train.

    People managing to get out in the rough weather? We've had snow on the ground now for probably over a month now. Bitter wind and driving snow the last few days. Big drifts. Getting out though and good training for my arctic marathon in 2 weeks time. The weather is causing slow running though.

  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    If anyone has done this before, if the race takes me between 4 and 4.5 hours, what are you chance of making a 5.30pm train out of Edinburgh?

  • hi guys! Bit of a late comer to this party, hope you don't mind me popping my nose in! First time marathon runner here doing Edinburgh in May. Watched my gf do it last year and was inspired to take part this year.


    I completed the Great North Run last year in 2hr 21mins and im not a natural runner at all, but figured no time like the present! Im 6ft and 18st 2lb and usually play rugby but ive "retired" at the age of 28 to focus on doing the marathon.


    Training so far not too good! I do 2 long runs a week Tues and Thurs, last week I did a 9 (1hr 30mins) and an 11 (1hr 57minutes) miler, this week im going tor a 14 and a 12miler , with a 5km "park run" down whitley bay. Im doing the park run 5km in 29minutes, consistently.


    I am aiming for about 5hr30 marathon.


    Anyway good to see so many others doing weel, and I shall look forward to seeing you all in MAy!


    PS my gf is doing the relay this year after doing it is 4hr 24mins last year!

  • Hi Adam and all.

    Adam if your running those sorts of times then I think you can achieve below 5hrs.

    I'm hoping for around 4:30hrs and my training is at 14 miles in 2:20.

    My Asics training plan is guiding my pace.

    I'm not really bothered to be honest as it's my first marathon,I just hope I can finish it.

    Good luck and keep posting.


  • PipG, you should have no problem getting a 5:30 train. Get the train from Musselborough to Waverly. Regular trains and only about 15 mins to Waverly. Finish is about 3/4 mile to station.

    Glad to see you transition to running Adam!


  • I've just checked the trains and they are only every hour on a Sunday.

  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    So I would probably need to get the official bus.  I've heard it's quite a trek and can be a wait for the bus but does anyone know if a 5.30pm train out of Edinburgh would be cutting it fine?  I'll be booking it so if I miss the train, i am screwed!  There are a few later trains but they get back in to London really late.  

  • PipG, i did the marathon 2 years ago and its not too bad.....the Q for the bus seems daunting when you approach it but it doesnt take long to go down as the buses leave one after another!

    Training has been tough with the weather ive had a few gym sessions but forced myself out last night in the wind for a 20 miler.  Stuck to 9 minute miles and done it in 2.59. Still felt like i could have done more so thats good. Havent a clue what my pace should be for the marathon dont want to push too hard and burn out!!

  • Hi Janie, I also braced the high winds on Saturday and did a 20 miler, I live in quite a hilly area and so it is difficult to try and maintain a set pace and ended up doing 8.30's which is probably too fast as this is the pace i want to try and do on the day and i understand training runs should be slower.  my legs were pretty sore afterwards though but fine the next day.  Hope everyone else's training is going well, we are on the countdown now! image

  • So you're going for a 3.30 roadrunner? I am thinking 3.50 or maybe 3.45. Still plenty of time for a few lsr's to see how it feels
  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    I'm in now, I got a place today.  After a series of pi** poor luck, I hope I get to run this time.

    I was supposed to do Edinburgh last year and on the Tuesday before, I got a stomach bug and couldnt keep food down until the Monday after the race.  I have a place for VLM this year but I was knocked off my bike by a dog 2 weeks ago and haven't been able to run since.  I am hoping Edinburgh buys me some more time.

    I think I'm due some luck!!

  • Hi All

    Did a half marathon on saturated in 2:17 mins which is on track for my target.

    Today was a different story.I thought I would go and do a 20 mile+ run,but when I got to 15 miles I was knackered image.

    The weather wasn't great(Very windy and cold).So I had to do the last 5 miles running and walking.

    When I got home my legs were really sore and I was tempted to give up my place this year.

    After a nice hot bath I thought to myself that I may have over done it with the run Saturday and today.

    I'm not sure if i was a bit dehydrated, I went out with 4 gels and 1 bottle of powerade ( Is that enough????). I don't think so.

    It took me 3:30 to complete the 20 miles, but i'm sure I can do better.

    Any advice will be great.

    Janie and roadrunner keep up the good work.

    I'm of for a lie down I think lol.
  • Well done Pip on your place.

    Well done to Jane, Gary and all if you've managed to get out in the snow / cold / wind.

    Gary - in the cold, you won't need much water so a powerade should be sufficient. 3:30 is a good long time out, but unless you are pushing at marathon pace, one or 2 gels probably enough. You are probably tired from the half - still a tough event, especially at race pace.

    I also live high up and in Scotland, so lots of snow and big drifts. Much easier the last 3 days with lower winds. Did a 20 miler on Sunday which felt tough though. Hill session last night with club which felt great! Circuit training this afternoon (for primary school). Going to tempt fate by taking them on a run around the playing field to finish (in the snow). 28 miler planned for tomorrow (2 x 14 miles to and from work). Final long run before tapering to the 9th April North Pole Marathon.

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