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  • Hi Everyone,

    Anyone struggling with training and would like some extra motivation? Ever thought about taking part for charity? Runners with their own place that do a bit of fundraising on the side find races even more rewarding knowing that they have helped those less fortunate than themselves as well as acheiving something personally.

    By taking part as a member of the Barnardo’s team in the 2013 Edinburgh Marathon Festival you can help children like Louisa and Polly; young sisters who spent their early childhood in constant fear of provoking their violent father. Or Matthew who suffers from epilepsy and behavioural difficulties which cause seizures that leave him feeling dazed and exclude him from his peers.  

    Barnardo’s Team runners with their own place in the marathon, half marathon, 5km or 10km are provided with a high performance running vest and given encouragement every step of the way; from fundraising ideas to help you raise hundreds of pounds, to literally cheering you round the course in May. If you would like to get involved and support over 200,000 children, young people and their families in the UK, please email events@barnardos.org.uk. For more information on our work please visit http://www.barnardos.org.uk/challengeevents/why_barnardos.htm.

  • Gary

    Im sure it was the half marathon that scuppered your long run!! I took a gel at 10 and another at 15 for my 20 miler and it felt okay! But i suppose everyone is different.



  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    I would only have 2 or possibly 3 gels on a training 20 miler.

    My physio says that I can try a 1 mile run tomorrow so fingers crossed my leg is ok.  Hopefully I can pick up the training again next week and catch up on my lost 2.5 weeks.

    I just booked my train tickets from London to Edinburgh.  The train up was ok, it let me book a seat but the train back wouldnt let me book, so I can imagine it will be chaos.  On a positive note, I am not restricted by a certain train so I can just get on the first one back.. and probably have sit in the toilet!

    Very much looking forward to running again.  2 weeks off has been awful.

  • Gaz, dont worry about the long run you didnt give yourself enough time to recover from the half mara.

    Took me a week to recover properly from Stafford half a few weeks ago.

    Keep it up it will be worth it ....trust me

    Inbox me for advice etc

  • Boooooooooo

    A London Marathon runner on our forum.

    Booooooooo Carbloader.

    Only joking Dave

    Cheers for the advice.

    Speak soon.
  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    me?  I'm not a London marathon runner any more thanks to that dog knocking me off my bike.

    10 min run done today.  I can move up to 30 mins on Sat.  Not that many weeks ago, I was cruising at 20. Frustration...

  • Hi PipG

    No not you. I was just referring too Carbloader....

    Well done you though on your comeback.

    I went out on my bike yesterday and was cruising until I got yet another puncture, I was 11 miles from home and had all my spare inner tubes the lot...except my security wheel key.

    So as you can imagine I was very upset at the prospect of pushing it all the way home image .But hooray for parents with hatchbacks.image.

    New tires on order, but I guess that's a different forum on a completely different website.

    Looking forward to next week, when I am going to do that 20+ miler again.

    This time though I will prepare properly.I'm not going to worry about time or pace, just a nice long run that's all.
  • Hi guys and gals 

    Just thought I'd stick my tenpenneth in. (Im 52 and never run a marathon before)

    Planning to run my first 20 miler on sunday in training for Edinburgh and the sound of it scares me to death.

    Already done 16, 17 and 18s - okish - but didnt believe I had too much left in the tank. Running them at 8.45ish pace when my aim is to break 4hrs. Maybe I should slow it down by 10 seconds a mile. Any advice greatly appreciated. 

    Now upping distance to 20 just seems taking it to a new level. Someone told me I should be aiming to do three 20 milers in the run-up to the big one. Does everyone agree or should I be thinking of doing a couple of 20s plus a 21 or 22.

    Cheers, best of luck everyone

  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    Roger I think that you really need to slow it down.  My plan has long runs at between 30secs and 1 min slower per mile.  If you want to break 4 hrs, you need to run at about 9mm pace?  Well your long runs should be no faster than 9m30 if you ask me.  If you run them all at race pace, you wont recover in time.  Your shorter runs should be faster, longer ones slower.

    My plan has 4x 20 milers but they are each 2 weeks apart (I cant do that any longer as I've been injured... long story)

    Personally, I wouldn't train over 20 miles.

  • MeadowerMeadower ✭✭✭

    Hi everyone,

    On transport - though the advertised bus stops are about 1 mile from the finish, back out on Pinkie Road (straight on through the astro football pitch, two minutes walk) you can pick up a 26 back to the city centre.  They're every 20 minutes and it'll cost you £1.50.  This is what I did after the half marathon last year.

    Good luck to you all for the big day.  I'm not ready for marathons quite yet but a couple of people mentioned the Rock 'n' Roll as part of training; I'm booked in for this, so I might see you there!

  • Hi Wohlf

    I'm staying in between the start and finish.Is there anywhere near the finish where my wife can park the car?

    And good luck for the Rock 'n' Roll.

    Just had to invest in a new pair of shoes, I have gone for the asics Kayano so looking forward to trying them out.
  • You are getting plenty of sold training in there Roger. Well done. Getting a run or two over 20 miles is useful, even just to know you can do it. Maximum of 22-23 miles is generally suggested.

    Gary - I've been using the Kayano for many years now. Excellent shoe, but expensive!

    I did my 28 last Thursday, then a 24 mile ski tour yesterday (11 hours on skis in the Cairngorms). Now taking it easy this week before next week's marathon.

    Wohlf - Rock n' Roll should be good. I did it last year and was impressed. A tough course with several hills but great atmosphere and scenic route. Edinburgh marathon route is flatter but rather tedious by comparison. 


  • Hello All

    If anyone want to join me around Edinburgh for some long training runs let me know. I've lost my running buddy (his marathon is this weekend in Paris) so looking for a fellow marathon trainee for my 16-20 milers.

    I'm aiming for 4hr30 but probably going to be hitting the under 5hours marker. Did a 26k run this weekend in 2hr50 to give you an idea of my speed. Its my first marathon so my priority is finishing injury free.

    Let me know if you're in need of a training companion.

  • Thanks ever so much for the advice PipG and Hillheader.

    I managed 21 miles on Sunday in 8.52 pace which really pleased me. I tried running it at nearer 9 mins a mile but found it a struggle to keep my discipline to that pace. I recovered a lot quicker than when I ran 18 a couple of weeks earlier, which didn't make much sense. I think I could have actually run 26 there and then, hope that doesn't sound arrogant because it's not meant to and hope to goodness I havent peaked too soon which I'm now starting to worry about.

    Running Blackpool half this sunday - my first competitive race - since i came last but one in my secondary school cross country aged 14. I'm running it with a pal and we are aiming for around 1hr 50.

    Just one question if I run it hard over 13 which for me is around 8.20- 8.30 pace - could it be to the detriment of my marathon training and do more harm than good?

    Hope everyone is staying injury free now the going is getting tough.



  • Hi Everyone..

    Not long now, 52 days I think.

    Well done all on your long runs,I can't wait to get out for a long run this Sunday (And I'm not going to make the same mistake again).

    The only thing that I'm a bit concerned with is my new shoes,I will have only ran 15 miles in them.Is that enough to break them in?

    I suppose the Asics Kayano are not meant to be broken in??


    Well done on your 16 mile run..2:50 is a good time.

    Keep it up.


    Well done also on your runs, your almost there already.

    have a look at this link regarding race pace for the half in your prep.


    One question from me, please send me your carbo-loading ideas.

    Im confused over this topic,many web sites suggest 700g of carb per day.

    If a pack of Ainsley Harriots contains 44g carbs,does this mean I have top eat approx 16 packs of rice a day?

    I'm soooo Thick imageimage
  • Hi everyone,

    Had the cold and a few rubbish runs. A decent 13 miles tonight though, hoping to do my one and only 22 miler on Friday and then another 2-3 20 milers having already done an 18 and 2 20's.....want to be prepared!!!!!

    Still not sure what is achievable for me. Running the long ones at about 9 min miles.
  • Hi Janie

    I have just got over a rotten cold too...(Man Fluimage )

    Well done on your running,I wish I was at your standard.

    I have found this for you.Hope it helps you find your goal.

  • Hi Everyone,

    I'm new to this forum and after some advice please. Edinburgh will be my first marathon - I'm excited but nervous!

    I'm struggling to know what pace to aim for; currently my runs fluctuate anything between a 8:45 mile average to 10:00+ mile average depending on what kind of running day I'm having. My last couple of half marathon races have been around the 2 hour mark.

    I'm not aiming for any specific time, just to finish! But I'm concious I don't want to start out too fast. I have a Garmin to help monitor my pacing.

    Any advice greatly appreciated, thank you!

  • LDNRunner this will be my 2nd marathon and I still haven't a clue what pace to go for.

    On weds I did 13 miles at 8.35 min miles and today my long run was 23 miles and I did the first 10 at about 9.15 then 10 at 8.50 and last 3 at 8.30.

    I agree starting too fast is the worst mistake I always take first couple miles easy until I get in a rhythm .....

    If you half marathon race times are 2 hours I reckon you should be looking to pace At 9.44 for a 4.15 finish....but you would need to try that pace on a long run.

    I'm not an expert and I'm not sure about my own pacing yet but my first marathon was 4.09 off a 1.55 half.

    Maybe someone else can advise us both lol!!!!!!! Someone with more experience out there????
  • I've done many marathons but I'm not sure I can be a good guide. Everyone different. The standard rule is however 2.1 x the half marathon time. Many people struggle with this though - me included. I think 4:15 is a good target. Maybe 4:20 to be a bit safer and get a negative split. The key is to not get carried away. Edinburgh's first mile or so is down hill and is easy to get carried away. If you can pass people on the back 7 or so miles (often into a wind), it is a sign of good pacing.
  • Hi everyone just got back to the Midlands from competing in the Blackpool half today. Ran 1 hr 44 26 secs which was way better than I could have dreamed for. Conditions were as good as they could ever be for a run by the sea. Kept looking at the full marathon runners with awe later on in the morning and thinking hells bells this will be me in a few weeks time. Back to 20 miles next Sunday, next stop Edinburgh.

  • MeadowerMeadower ✭✭✭

    Hi Gary,

    Slow reply, but for parking I'd maybe consider Edenhall Road or any of the others just off Pinkie Road for a quick get-away.  Difficult to be sure when I don't drive, I don't know Musselburgh well, and road restrictions (in the name of a good cause!) may make everywhere a bit busier.

    I've just noticed my bus no. 26 suggestion is very appropriate for you marathoners!

  • PG3PG3 ✭✭✭

    I wondered if anyone wanted to buy my place.  I know the transfer window is closed but I'm still not able to run after a dog knocked me off my bike a few weeks ago (thanks dog).  I also have train tickets London to Edinburgh sat to sun if anyone is interested?

  • Thanks Wohlf

    I'm sure there will be parking somewhere by the finish.


    Oh no....Sorry that you won't be able to make it,after you tried so hard to recover in time, Maybe next year.
  • Just heading back from yesterday's marathon. Finished in 5:38, so quite slow. Quite happy though as 8th place.

    Hope everyone's training is good?
  • Well done Hillheader!!!!

    Only 6 weeks on sunday aaaaghh

    Feeling a bit tired but trying to get out as often as possible. Still trying to give up the wine but haven't been successful on that front. Would love to shift a few pounds to make the run easier!
  • Well done Roger. Sorry for not spotting earlier. That's a great time. How did it feel at that pace after 13.1?

    I'm nearly home now. Now running yet but will go out in the hills with club tomorrow.

    Everyone got a big mileage weekend run looming?
  • Thanks Hillheader. Surprisingly I felt great. I set out to run 8.30 pace and yet started off at 8 mins a mile, got caught up in all the ballyhoo.

    I was able to keep to about 8.05 until the last four miles when I put a spurt on and passed quite a lot of runners which gave me confidence. Though I still had energy left afterwards I couldnt have run 26 miles at that pace. I have to admit the conditions were ideal.

    I then went out and did a seven miler on Tuesday and was knackered running at 8.30 - so maybe it took out more than I thought.

    Back to a long 20 miler on Sunday and back to 8.50 pace. For once in my life got to be sensible.

    Sorry to hear you wont be competing with us PipG.






  • Gentle recovery run for me today. Everything working fine. Nice to be running in moderate temperatures again! Away to Holland for a week tomorrow. Lots of (flat) runs planned.
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