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  • Thanks Janie and Hillheader for the replies!

    Did a half marathon race in 1:55 yesterday but I know I wouldn't be able to keep that pace up for a further 13 miles. I think I'll err on the side of caution and aim for a 4:30 pace given it's my first one.

    Really looking forward to it (apart from the very end - I've heard it's uphill??); if the weather is anything like today it'll be fantastic.

  • Good time for the half LDN. The Edinburgh marathon has a flat finish. When you turn for home though with about 7 miles to go, this can be into the wind as along the coast and you are heading back West. The finish at the school is great. Not sure if they are switching to the race course though across the road?? either way, it is flat with only a few undulations along the coast.

    I'm in Holland this week. 19 deg C today; another gentle recovery run today. Think I've nearly recovered from last week but I'm always cautious.

  • Hi All

    Well done on all your runs, your pace's are fantastic.

    I was really hoping for a 4:30 target, but as the Marathon creeps up on me i'm going to hope for anything under the 5hr mark.

    its 5 weeks to go and im getting nervous image

    I have go a 20 mile run tomorrow and hoping I can come home unscathed.

    Regards to parking for the day, I have decided to get a taxi for my wife and children from Duddlingston (Just outside the city) to the finish and back again for only ??18.

    I'm sure its a lot cheeper than finding a place to park and easier than treking to get the bus.

    Happy training people.
  • Gaz you will be alright, trust the training and dont be sh1t lol

    Enjoy the 20 miler......image

  • Hiya guys, i completed a 22 miler on Friday and surprised myself with just under 8.30s and felt relatively ok at the end.  Another 22 miler in a fortnight and then taper! looking forward to the day now.  Does anyone know why there are 2 start times and 2 different start places?

  • Well done Rdrunner. Good pace especially if you felt good at the end.  

    There used to be just one start and one start time. Now I guess that the numbers are too big for one start (look at London with 3 starts). The staggered start allows the faster start (London road) to get clear before they merge. Last year I'd been running for a few minutes but could hear the count down to the second start. Many years ago, the start was at Holyrood park with a lap around the (hilly) radical road around Arthur's seat. This was an improvement over the year before when this hilly bit was right at the end - to much complaint! Even before this, the start was the other side of the Forth bridge and the run was over the bridge to begin. All of these routes had narrow bits unsuitable to the bigger numbers (with relay etc.).

    Good runs last week for me. Away to Budapest tomorrow (with trainers).

  • I sprained my ankle on Friday boohoo!!!!!image

  • oooh nooo. How bad is it? hope you recover quickly x

  • Did a 12 mile run then i was in my garden and went over on it foot totally swollen couldnt walk went to hospital got it x rayed they confirmed a sprain. Its black and blue but i can walk on it okay now been using RICE and im going to see my sports therapist tomorrow and start cross training tomorrow night see how it goes.  Fingers crossed I can get back to running soon.  Ive already done 1x18....2x20 and and 23 long run was hoping to get another couple in but will have to wait and see what happens!!!! Bloody typical!!

  • Try not to panic! you have done enough long runs so you may just be forced to taper a bit early! good luck with the recovery image

  • Aw thanks for that!!!! And well done on your times brilliant.


  • Well....

    Did a 22 miler in 3:39 and was fantastic.

    I even felt like rocky did when he ran up those steps in the Rocky film lol.

    Very pleased but still hoping to get under 5 hrs, I know I should but not going too count my chickens just yet.

    How is everyone else?

    Not long now.
  • Just found this thread. I ran London marathon last weekend and am just getting my mileage back up before tapering for Edinburgh at the end of the month.

    Got 3:56 in London with a bit of a knee mishap at 18 miles and caught in severe congestion, and hopefully will be being paced by my boyfriend at Edinburgh so I'm hoping to improve on that. 

    I was at the finish of the Edinburgh marathon last year and the atmosphere was amazing!

  • Hi Flippaaah

    Well done, that is a fantastic time. I am impressed that you are doing the Edinburgh as well.

    As you were at the finish last year, could you tell me if there was any where for freinds and family to park? really looking forward to it now. image
  • If you are interested the there's still time, just, to take part in my research project on positive self-talk. If you have 2 long runs left (at least over half marathon distance) and want to take part then email me directly at g.cochrane4232@student.leedsmet.ac.uk and I'll get the pre-study questionnaire to you asap.


  • Hope everyone looking forward to the taper soon?

    Well done Gary and Flipaah.

    Combination of travel for work and then 4 days sailing last week left a hole in my plans - only 30 miles for week when should be near peaking. Back to better training this week with 2 x 14 planned for tomorrow. Good long running next week hopefully as well. 

  • Sounds like everyone doing well!! Ive been out for 2 weeks with the ankle sprain but doing cross training at the gym and swimming.  Im ever hopeful though that i will run.....going to start gently tomorrow all going well (on treadmill) and figure out a plan for next 3 weeks....shorter taper for sure. 

  • Hi all,

    Im doing Edinburgh too - its my first marathon and am a bit nervous, sounds like you are all doing well with your training - Janie good luk with returning to running. I am doing one more long run this Sunday and then beginning taper, part of me is excited and part terrified!

    At least the weather is a little better, ive trained in some shocking conditions over the winter.


  • Janie - hope you are managing to run again?

    welcome Sarah. Hope the long run goes well.

    Just looked at the race details. I'm on the London road start again and the course and finish are the same as last year. Great finish area at the school. Hoping its a bit cooler than last year - today's weather would be perfect? I like it cold and wet for a race! Windy is not so good. Plenty of wild weather training over the winter.

    20 and 14 mile runs yesterday. Good sessions though a bit tired today.

  • SesamoidSesamoid ✭✭✭

    Hi all,

    Jumping in here as I managed to get a late place in Edinburgh, "ran" VLM a couple of weeks ago and had a bit of a disaster so hoping edinburgh will make up for it - just really want to get under 4 hrs (did 4 hrs 7 mins in London but felt sure I was capable of and trained for sub 345) so fingers cross Edinburgh will put that to bed.

    I'm slowly building the training back up again through easy runs and legs starting to get back to normal - Flippaah, I would be interested to hear how your training is going and what you're doing to prep?

    Gary - I've done the Edinburgh 1/2 a few times and the best thing (imo) is to park at the tescos in Musselburgh and walk down to the finish area, it's not far but there are plenty wee streets in the town where you can park up....

    Janie, hope you're on the mend - don;t worry too much about missed training, hope you get back running soon, I missed about 4 weeks of my 16 week plan for London through illness so the cross training will definitely help....

    Sarah - good luck on your 1st Marathon but be careful what you wish for, all my trainnig was in cold conditions and London was like running in a sauna and I'm pretty confident that was one of the reasons I messed up my race - not making excuses though!  

    Gary - you'll melt your time of 5 hours if you're doing that in trainnig but surely you're going to fast on your long runs if you're going for a sub 5?

    hillheader - maybe it's me but you're surely not doing 2 x 14 mile runs in a day or a 20 + 14 in a day as I read it LOL?? Not read back through the thread so not sure if you're one of these crazy Ultra long miler type people? image

    See you all around!


  • Hi everyone, glad to hear the training is going well, not long now! Have any of you received a race pack? Hillheader, how do you know your start? I havent received anything so hope it's not lost in the post.....

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Guys

    I am running the Edinburgh Marathon this year. First marathon for me. I ran the Rock n Roll Half Marathon in April and managed 1:37 but still a bit uncertain what time to aim for. Main idea is to just enjoy the day....

  • Nell BlueNell Blue ✭✭✭

    Hi Hillheader, I see you have stated that you are starting on London Road. Where did you get this information from as I cannot see where it says where I start from all I see is my race number, or am I totally missing the obvious?

  • I got the email with some details and then logged on to the marathon website to find more useful details. I've a race number, a start location and a start time.


    There is then a link - "download final details". It doesn't state the colour of the start gate but you'll get this when the race number arrives.

    Welcome Nell. A good time for a half.

    Miggito - 4 hrs would be a great target. Go for it.

    Weekend runs were a bit tame (6 on Saturday and 12 miles in the hills yesterday - beautiful weather though). A bit tired from Thursday's runs. I do enjoy all sorts of racing inc. ultras. The Thursday session is the key one for me - run to and from work. Planning on 2 x 14 miles tomorrow and then the same on Thursday. Then it is off to China on Friday and also taper time!

  • First marathon for me too, training is going fairly well with long runs just off a 4 hr pace, it's the last few miles that I really struggle on and doubt that I'll make 4 hrs. In trai inv I ran a 1 hr 40 half marathon distance which is way better than the 2 HM events ive run.

    are there pace maker runners at Edinburgh? is there be a group aiming for 4 hrs?

  • Hello All I'm running my first marathon at E and am now both nervous and excited! Did my last long one Friday (20miles). Hoping for 4hrs

    According to the site Nick there are no pacemakers 

  • Thanks Jon. I suspect that a large number of people will be looking at a 4hr target so it could be useful to just have a chat when we're waiting for the start. Unless it's hot I'm going to have a crack at sub 4 as it's going to be my first and last marathon - the knees are telling me so. Enjoy the taper!

  • Hi All

    Not long now......

    I hope the forecast is correct, with some light showers in the morning.

    I like the cooling down that the rain brings.

    I was supposed to do my last long run on Sunday(20mile) but only managed 10 miles as I was totally knackered from doing 7/12 hour night shifts in a row, so im now thinking of doing the 20 mile this weekend or is this to soon before the marathon?

    Feeling good though.

    I hope everyone is on track?
  • Hi, can anybody tell me how much the entry fee was for this years race?

  • There have been pacers in the past. I think the problem is the different start times. If you start at London road you start 10 minutes earlier than the rest. Hard to compensate for that.  

    Gary - many people go for a 3 week taper. I'm not convinced. I've had some excellent long races and my PB off a 10 day taper. 2 weeks for taper should be fine.

    Nick - you'll cross the finish line and say never again. Then a few hours or a few days later, you be be thinking - 'well, may be I could do another one'??

    4 hours should be a good time to aim for. Anyone else decided on a target?


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