Piriformis cross training

Been struggling with piriformis injury for past month up to liverpool marathon tomorrow. 

Resigned myself to slower time and a few weeks off running but don't want to stop aerobic exercise altoghther.

Have been through other posts and aware of stretches and strength exercises but need to know best cross training option.

Rowing definitely out.  Cycling feels OK at the time but feel it the next day.

What about swimming?

Any advice appreciated




  • Biking without doubt for me, best solution every time, I get prone to it when I do excess long slow runs, so I put my biking inbetween


  • Thanks for that.  More than happy to bike for a bit but then read somewhere not a good idea. Was out on the bike for a couple of hours yesterday and no problem so will give it a go.  Anything not to go back to swimming!!


  • Are you still having the piriformis problem? How do you know its priformis?

  • Yes still struggling

    Sports physio thinks thats what it is and symptoms seem to best fit piriformis

    Wish there was an easy fix but looks like just a matter of stretching and strengthening exercises

  • Cycling causes my piriformis to get tight...

    Best solution for me has been loads of trigger point release - physio can do this, or you can do it yourself literally rolling the muscle over a tennis ball.

    And plenty stretching and foam rollering.

    Meanwhile, swim to your heart's content  - but crawl would probably be better than breast stroke I would have thought.

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