Garmin that's not a Garmin!

Any ideas please - my son would like something to show pace and distance with a distance alert system whilst he is out running. He has used my garmin on several occasions but long term that's not going to work!! image

He doesn't want a GPS but neither does he want to run around with his phone so no app either. Any ideas for a basic alert/pace/distance tracking thing!!

thanks in advance.


  • what about a nike+ fuelband?


  • he could try the ipod nano with nike+. I would not go for the brand new version which has just come but the version 6 with the clip which has been around for about a year. Its about 1" square and the nike+ uses the inbuilt accelerometer. You can preset a distance or time and it will count you down as well as give you splits (and music).

    Its not as accurate as a garmin with GPS but you can calibrate the pedometer for more accuracy. I got it to within about 20m over a kilometre for a flat course.

    They also have their own website to upload your data to.

    Older versions need the footpod, the brand new version is much bigger and has no clip. You can pick one up for about £120.

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭

    Tbh, unless you're looking to spend £30 or so on one of those Nike armbands you might as well get a basic Garmin GPS because there's nothing cheaper that's worth it.

    The FR110 and the new FR10 can be had for a ton or so. Decathlon and Soleus do basic GPS watches for a smidge less than that but I'd stick with Garmin.

    Non-GPS foodpod like the Garmin FR60 models are no cheaper.

    Edit: or give your son your old Garmin and go shopping for yourself image

  • Muttley wrote (see)

    Edit: or give your son your old Garmin and go shopping for yourself image

    Great idea Muttley!! image

    Thanks for the ideas so far everyone!



  • Give him yours and buy a new one sounds by far the best idea.
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