• Originally a cross post, but it works as it is image
  • I think iun Schmunk's ordered world it would go as follows

    Sector Distance, Sector Time, Overall Distance, Overall Time
    Sector Distance, Overall Distance, Sector Time, Overall Time


    Overall Distance, Sector Distance, Sector Time, Overall Time

    CDO not OCD

  • At last, someone who "gets" meimage
  • 60.5 mi 15.3 mi 51:56 4:05:09 17.68 mi/h


    Should start speeding up once he makes the turn

  • Oh FFS

    Sector: 15.3 mi   51:56       17.68 mi/h
    Overall 60.5 mi   4:05:09     21.04mi/h


  • First male pro has gone through T2 - Marion Vanhoenacker. 

  • Sector: 14.8 mi   00:35:47    24.82 mi/h
    Overall 75.3 mi   03:28:20    21.69mi/h

    Total Time 04:40:56

  • Marino sorry..

  • Faris is still in the budgie smugglers! image

  • Got to call it a night

    GO ROSEY!!

  • I've been on Rosey's blog - I am once again inspired! Amazing.

    Bah - I need to sort something out. My wife wouldn't let me go out for my long bike ride today as she wanted me to look after the twins image Oh well - one step at a time - i'm getting all my running in. Long slow run tomorrow night.

  • Thanks MeFace for providing meaningful stats
  • With a quick comparison against Vanhoenacker for all but the last two segements vs Rosey would see Rosey come off the bike in 05:18:44. Although would expect an age grouper to tire more in the last parts of a bike leg compared to the leading Pro.

  • I think I am falling in love with you, MeFace
  • "First male pro has gone through T2 - Marino Vanhoenacker."

    He overtook me on the bike once, well I say overtook, lapped would be slightly more accurate image

  • For clarification I have used a linear progression from 75.3 split and have not done a non-linear regression to asses if there is any deviation from a linear relationship for each split done so far.

    Although just eyeballed relationship between sector speeds and  it looks pretty linear apart from 2nd sector (2.1miles) where Rosey smashed it achieving 0.91 of Vanhoenacker's speed. Average is 0.84.

  • This thread is missing pie charts and graphs...

  • I agree - is there a function for that?


  • Although not a pie chart.

    They are for showing two or three numbers to an idiot so they can understand that 66% is nearly twice as big as 33%.

  • And if you are listening to the drivel on IMLive about larger athletes it is backwards!

    The larger athlete does not have a larger area to cool which the body has to work harder to cool it.

    The surface area is the cooling system. The larger athlete has a greater mass to cool and has a smaller surface area to mass ratio therefore a smaller athlete can coll more effectively.

    Come on this is basics!

    Same reason as large deep pie takes longer to cool than a small flat pie.

  • *swoon*

    You had me at 'linear relationship' although Khanivore's suggestion of pie graphs may have tipped me over the edge
  • He had me at 'pie'

    As long as it's not kidney.

    Which is bleugh.
  • Sector: 14.7 mi   00:43:32    20.26 mi/h
    Overall 90.0 mi   04:11:52    21.44mi/h

    Total Time 05:24:28

    Current prediction now 05:22:38 slower in comparison to the Pros for that sector. If last slower comparsion (0.78) continues then it would be 05:27:02

    Go Rosey!

  • Come on Rosey - I've a marathon to do tomorrow.

    Oh - you've one to do shortly.
  • Ultra cougie wrote (see)
    Come on Rosey - I've a marathon to do tomorrow.

    And probably a spin class ot two!

  • Just the one - I'm slacking tomorrow.

    Glad it's not going to be Kona temperatures tomorrow in Liverpool !
  • DTB, Ultra Cake Pim.p wrote (see)
    He had me at 'pie'

    As long as it's not kidney.

    Which is bleugh.

    Possibly fish pie, steak pie (a classic) or a duck/venison/pigeon mixed game pie

  • going to bed image will dream about doing an ironman! It's been emotional people.. ttfn.

  • Night Folks - Race strong Rosey

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