• He's done the bike and now he's out on the run

    My bed beckons now so......

    Go go Admiral!
  • Me too.

    Race well Rosey !
  • Well, that was an exciting finish for the men. I'm very glad that Pete Jacobs won, he seems delighted too.

    Now, go go go Rosey!

  • Just caught Rosey coming through blowing kisses at the camera image Top effort Rosey. 10:40:50

  • Just heading off to work - fabulous stuff Rosey. Was there some talk earlier of him only qualifiying thru roll down etc? Think this more than proves the point...!

  • Mor-NING!!!!!!
    Just about to catch up.... he didn't win it then?

  • Oh yeah!!!!! 10:40 A-Mazing!!!
    Well done Rosey!! x

  • Good luck to you today, Hope!

  • Wel done Nick/

  • Well done mate ... not the result you wanted but I think all things considered it could have been a lot worse

    Recover well and give my regards to Mickey   image

  • well done......i can't wait to read the race report..........great result especially after the problems this week,,,,,,,,,

  • Fantastic performance. Two world champ finishes. Inspirational.
  • Well done Rosey! Looking forward to the race report

    The men's finishing times look close! Wasn't Raelert quite far back at the start of the run? What happened to the Belgium chap who went in to the run with a big lead!? Looking forward to downloading the NBC highlights when and if I get a chane.
  • Wow there was just 1 min between the top two ladies!
  • Sorry I thought Rosey was meant to be full of cold!

    Top bombing!
  • Well done Rosey - fantastic stuff and I can't wait for the race report.

    Btw I thought Leanda Cave was a Brit ? They have her down as being a yank o. The results ?
  • Top work, Admiral image
  • Leanda Cave changed her allegiance a couple of years ago.

    Indeed yes, Raelert was well down before the run, he did really well to pull up to 2nd place. The Germans can be well pleased with their athletes packing in 2nd, 4th and 6th. Faris is actually German-born too but has also changed allegiance this year.

    Well done to the Admiral - Rosey is a real star!

  • Some of the listed 'nationalities' are down to where they're based for training, I thought.
  • CD thats right she trains in Arizona? Shes sort of part brit part aussie i think brit parents but lived in Oz most of her childhood raced as a brit for donkeys so pleased for her image

    Well done Admiral R image
  • Just noticed the Swiss Miss is still nailing after all these years 6th place amazing! image
  • kittenkat wrote (see)
    M..o.use wrote (see)
    KK - do us all a favour? Go away. We're here to watch Kona and support Rosey, not put up with your shit. If you have nothing useful to say, say nothing at all.

    Go pirate!

    Fuck off.

    Dont you just love the friendly banter on here?

  • Leanda is British, like with Chrissie a few years ago (which she made a point of correcting at the post race press conference), the make the mistake of assuming theyre american because they spend half the year training at the likes of Boulder.

    5 GB womens wins in 6 years and we have talet in depth?  Im wondering is Chrissie will be back again or if she'll go onto something different now?

  • Massive congrats to Rosey, looking forward to the report to hear how much he suffered image

  • Hmmmm i think it was Rachel Joyce or Leanda on IM talk who are both good mates with Chrissie saying they didnt think she would return her personality is sort of bin ther done that nothing more to aheive so move on to bigger challenges?
  • Xterra perhaps?

  • With her intrest in third world aid making a difference etc i was thinking more politics image
  • She's going to medical school in Canada, actually.
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