My little charm

 I have looked for ages for a charm that would go onto my bracelet & found the perfect one. A reminder of my achievement *Love it *




  • That's quite cool image 

  • where did you find it? Very cool

  • /members/images/341399/Gallery/race-charms.png

    Thank you.They have loads to pick from. You can even have your PB/anything engraved on them.

  • They're nice image

    How's the M-i-L thing going?

  • Oh Wilkie, Thanks for remembering. After one or two fall outs....It has been sorted. I feel I can say 'Not this month' now. Hasn't been here for 4 weeks & no mention 'Yet' of next visit. Mind you, theres a half term coming up in 2 weeks time. I'll keep strong.

  • Good for you! image

  • Those are very nice!

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