got flu two weeks to the race, what happens to fitness after being ill?

I have full marathon in 16days. I did the longest run last sunday following nice and easy recovery run. Then i suddely became ill, and haven't run for 5 days. I'm still feeling prettty fragile, so will not run for at least a day or two. What happens to my fitness after being ill? I 've been running 5,6 days a week until now, so i'm little worried that part of what i achieved during training will be lost?


  • It won't matter as you seem to have the miles in the bank, and if you are one who likes to taper, it will possibly do you good, plenty fluids and rest and see how you go

  • Thanks, that's great. image
  • Which Marathon is it


  • It's Dublin marathon. Wish me luckimage
  • Good luck, I'm in Italy or I would be doing that one too

  • You're in your taper period anyway, so like the others say, the rest shouldn't do you any harm. Do be aware that there may be a convalescent period after a viral infection -so be ready to not feel as fit as expected on the day (which will be a shame, but remember there's always another marathon.

    Good luck!

  • Thanks, will try focus on recovering from this annoying mixture of flu+cold.

    I've been lucky to be selected to run the tokyo marathon next year, will see how it goes. Thanks again.
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