Favourite running shops in London

I know there was a bit of a survey a while back about which shops were good and which were bad but I can't find it.
I'm going to London at the weekend and fancy getting some winter kit. Who has the best range (women's stuff) and the friendliest staff?


  • Mungus
    You might try Lillywhite's at Piccadilly circus in Central London. They are a specialist sporting shop and have an entire floor dedicated to running gear, shoes etc. Their staff are extremely knowledgeable, friendly and helpful (they are most South Africans!!).
    They sorted out a recurring knee problem - by changing the shoes I was running in!
    They also have some trendy but practical winter running garb.
  • Runner's Need, Parkway, Camden Town have very friendly, helpful staff (also seem to be all South African!), but it's quite a small shop so the range is a bit limited. They do also have a branch at Liverpool Street.
  • I've just bounced the Running Store results thread to the top of the General forum. I'd go along with what the others say though - either Runner's Need shop or Lillywhites are good choices.

  • Marvellous DW, I shall polish my credit card and hit those gold paved streets!
  • Dont laugh - but Harrods has a very good Sweatshop consession
  • runners need mail order service also v efficient if you know what you want-link from this site.but that's a male way to shop....
  • The absolute best - Run and Become in Victoria. A small specialist running shop, the staff know their stuff. They also have you running up and down the street in front of the shop.

    They have a large range of shoes, and most other running bits. 1st class service
  • Chris - that's odd. Run and Become had some really awful press on this forum earlier this year. I have been very actively avoiding them ever since. Have they improved drastically, or is it just a case of luck of the draw as to who you get when you go in?
  • LarsLars ✭✭✭
    I have been at Run and Become about three weeks ago, and in my opinion it is a good shop. I will go there again.
    They had just received their winter-stuff then.
  • I'd go along with Run and Become. I've always found them very helpfull
  • I got my (first ever) shoes recently at Run and Become in Victoria and found them very helpful. I don't know how they compare to other running shops but to 'normal' shops they were far better.
  • It was because I'd read previous complaints about Run and Become that I asked the question. I recall something ridiculous along the lines that they close the week before the FLM because of too many pesky runners trying to buy the Precious Things!
    As for online shopping, not a bloke thing, oh no! I ordered some stuff from sweatshop online just last week only to receive and email telling me that they no longer have the items I ordered and won't be getting any more. Ho hum. And unless you know exactly what you want, you can't beat having a good feel. Works for me!
  • Run and Become (in Palmer St - just off Victoria St) is excellent if you need running shoes. They stock a wide range and the staff are friendly and, in general, knowledgable about the shoes. They don't try to sell you the most expensive pair in the shop. However, the range of other gear is not great and they will not give you a refund if you return unwanted items - you can get an exchange or credit note only.
  • Lillywhites at Picadilly Circus have a good range of running shoes and clothing and currently have a sale on.
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