Cotswold Race The Train

Just back from Cotswold race the train. Flippin' eck, some of those hills are steep. I missed beating the train by about 6 minutes but had a great run anyway. Did anyone else do it?


  • I've done the original, how does this one compare?


  • What's the original one, the one in Wales?  They're quite similar, same distance, think the Cheltenham one is tougher though.  Conncarr, you were faster than me then, by a lot! image

    Great race, one to do again.

  • Yes, in Tywyn, a great event. Looks like the new one is worth doing too, then.

    So, what makes it tougher?

  • It's more off road, if I remember correctly the first half of the Tywyn one was along lanes.  The hills are bigger too.  Both great though. 

  • The Twywn one was the first one I did and I loved it. I thought the Cotswold one was much harder. Twywns' hills were mainly quite gentle but the first big climb on the Cotswold was a real killer, steep and muddy. Twywn was a much bigger event with a fantastic atmosphere. I'll definately do them both again.

    Iron Pingu, I think I was just lucky to choose the right trainers on the day. My innov8 mudclaws were the biz. Other people were slipping and sliding all over the place image

  • Oh yes, and the descents on the Cotswolds are much more technical, with steep, rocky tracks and lots of steep muddy tree rooty bits. Plenty of opportunity for sprained ankles. Great fun. image

  • Sounds like my sort of race! Its on the list for next year. The road start and finish are the only drawbacks of the Tywyn race and I do like technical descents.


  • Well the final descent was certainly technical.. and a little scary!

  • Definately worth doing. Long hard climb in the first half was made worth it by the views from the top. Knowing that you're up against the train was a real motivator in the final stages - I was surprised how much of a difference that made. Good event, I'll also try and be there next year.

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