I've got some Newbie questions

I've just started Couch to 5k, and just finished week 5. I love running, but know *nothing* about exercise and so I have some questions:

  1. Yesterday I was 15 mins into my 20-min run, and came to a pedestrian crossing, which was red. I didn't know what to do: should I stop running stand and wait for the green man, change my route and go the other way risking a long walk back home, or jog on the spot for five minutes and wait for the lights to change? If I stop for more than a few seconds during a run will something weird happen to my muscles and ruin everything?
  2. It's getting dark now in the evenings: I've got fluorescent stuff, but is it worthwhile spending a couple of quid on those LED things?
  3. I'm supposed to rest the day after each Couch to 5k podcast run according to the NHS site, however I'd also like to start going on long-ish bike rides over the weekends (total distance say 10-20 miles, flat). Moreover, one of my friends is trying to convince me to take up a martial art: is that likely to cause a problem? Should I wait til I've finished C25K and got into a regular running routine before doing anything else?

Really sorry for the somewhat ignorant nature of these questions, but whereas I can build a PC I have no idea how my own body works! Any help or guidance appreciated. I've tried Googling for these, but not turned up anythignhugely useful image


  • 1. Just stop, it's not a big deal, your run won't be less of  run and you won't lose any benefit.

    2. If you're running on unlit roads or streets, why not, for the sake of a couple of quid.

    3. Do it and see how you feel, if you want to do it, and you can, that's a good sign that you're getting fitter.

    I'll be in touch about a spot of ram for this PC.

  • Cheers, those were the answers I was hoping for!

    [Off topic: Regarding RAM, I don't supply parts, but let me know what PC you have (operating system, motherboard if you know it, or just your make/model) I'll be able to advise you regarding how much you can install, what type, places to buy from etc. A few extra gig can really help]


  • hi dogsolitude_uk

    No question is bad. unless questions are asked then how do we learn.

    just one addition point. Listen to your mind, as this will tell you if your doing too much, then rest a little, I don't mean stop. But adjust what your doing till its at the stage to move onto the next stage of the couch to 5k. I was told its okay, to do one week again.

  • I think martial art training will be really good for you. It will help your core; balance; strength; flexibility and posture. It will also get you very fit.

    I've just taken up hockey, I started in the summer on Sundays, so I went out for my long run then went and did an hrs plyometrics / fitness / hockey. I felt really good after the hockey, no stiffness in the legs whatsoever. Really helped the recovery from the long run.

  • The old ram chestnut! lol

    Unless you have seriously small amounts of ram, like trying to run windows 7 on 1 Gb, or are still using DDR1, you'd be be better off upgrading your CPU for a faster PC. Having more ram is only usefull for memory hogging apps.

    IPC and clock speed is where it's at.

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