Old v new - what to do?

Advice please! I'm running the Cardiff Half tomorrow so do I A) wear the shoes I've practically worn out and which are starting to niggle/hurt my lower calves, or B) wear the new pair that turned up today? They're the exact same make and model as the old pair and felt fine on a short run this morning. Last time I replaced like for like I had no problems, but then I wasn't running 13.1 miles the next day. I know they say not to wear new gear for a race but what do you reckon in this case? Thanks!


  • Same make .. same model, I'd choose the new ones over the old

  • I would go new on this occasion.
  • they always say don't try new shoes on the day of a race.

    However, as per the 2 posters above go with the new shoes. You've tried them out at least once anyway.

  • Thanks, folks. I'll let you know how I get on with the new shoes.
  • Wore the new shoes with no problems, niggles, blisters or pains. Phew. Also ran a h/m PB. Doubt the two are related though! Thanks again for the advice.

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