Nike 3.0 refresh

I've been using Nike 3.0 trainers since January about 20 miles a week on streets and in wood trails and and love them but lately I've been having a few niggles in my Achilles and back. I assumed that as they are not shoes that provide support I wouldn't need to change them as you would normal running shoes. Am I right or wrong in my assumption here? Any opinions?


  • I wear Nike Free TR+ and I've had my trainers now for a year and a half -I know trainers are supposed to be traded in earlier then this but basicly I can't afford to buy a new pair.

    I had thought about this and when I had trainers with support, it was easy to see the trainers decline- the creases in the sole, the fact a newer pair felt like walking on air in comparison, the loads of info people write about this with the support becoming weaker with age and use...but weather or not that applies to barefoot style trainers is another matter. The idea with barefoot trainers is having as little support as possible and if the support wearing out isn't a problem for example then surely the trainers would be able to be worn for longer...


    I could be wrong, for example I don't know if the rubber and plastic in the soles becomes more brittle and less flexible, or of the soles wearing unevenly as time goes on would have an effect or....


    I don't have any answers really! Its six of one and half a dozen of the other, just do what works for you and if like me, money is an issue, then go with the mantra 'if-it-aint-broke-don't-fix-it'. It works for me!


    One thing you do mention though is your Achilles- that is something you need to be wary of with barefoot style running and is more to do with the style of running your doing as oppose to the trainers. You need to deal with this because once ruptured, the Achilles is a b*gger to mend and not go wrong again. And it hurts-so I am told. Make sure you stretch after running (do not stretch unless you have warmed up your circulation first!) dynamic stretching pre-exercise (so kicking the air for example) and static stretching after exercise (so calf stretches- then bend at the knee to pull the stretch down towards your Achilles) Do read up on other stretches as there are many and there are also other forms of exercise you can do to help things further.

  • Just keep using the same trainers. Use them till they wear out.
  • I got ~430 miles out of my v.3's before I started getting a niggling in my bum. It was the shoes; uppers seemed fine and the soles looked liked they had loads of life left in them.

    New shoes and no niggle; the v.4's didn't last more than 20 miles mind - great sole but crap uppers.
  • I only wear shoes because my crap feet are too soft to go without. I plan on wearing my minimal shoes until they fall of me mid run. The only reason they are there is to stop me making holes in the soles of my feet, and I see no reason they would need to be changed at some arbitrary point.
  • To be fair that is utter BS! The Nike free has a high heel hight compared to a lot of minimalist shoes so if there's excessive wear on the outer or inner of the sole it's going to compound any errors in your running firm as it wears.

    Not a problem with a 3mm sole but with an 21mm sole you will have problems. You can pick them up for ~??40 so why chance it?
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