first 10k

fiddle sticks just entered my 1st 10k, its in 2 weeks. I currently have a cold which is making running even 5k painfull on the lungs not looking good but fingers crossed! Anyone else doing the tidworth 10k? or the Grim 8 in Dec?


  • If you feel bad don't race. Take time out now, rest and recover. You will actually benefit from it. Hope you feel much better come race day.

    Remenber to take it easy, don't go off too fast, check how you feel half way around, if it's too easy then up the pace a little, if it's difficult, how much? Racing will always hurt a little, good to be out of your comfort zone. If you are struggling then you may need to slow down a bit.

    The grim, when I ran it, was freezing and very wet. No, it was wetter than wet. It was more of an 8 mile swim than run. Very very muddy as well. Enjoy.

  • Thank you for the info, will try it. Managed a non painfull 5k run today in 29 mins so hopefully I will be able to get a few 10-15k runs in prior to the 10k.

    I am looking forward to the Grim, I have entered it as a pre race to the Tough guy in Jan.

    I think I just need to get this first 10k out of the way then enter some more and then start thinking about a half marathon image 

  • I am going to richmond park this sunday for my second 10k if you see me asleep on the way round keep going I will finish in the end.

  • ha ha ha we CAN and WILL complete our 1st 10k's and feel amazing for doing it afterwards image


  • Managed to get round my feet went numb after about 6k but I would like to thank the girl who ran past and said keep going you can do it.

    She gave me the effort to carry on,great day I will be looking forward to my next attemp.,  

  • ah well done! what time did you get? was it faster than you thought? image congratulations runner!!

  • 1 hour 9min I thought it would take me about 1-30 so I was pleased my son in law who got me to go did his in about 50 min so I aim to get closer to him next time.

  • OMG that is amazing! Very very well done! Mine is 5k of uphill on hte way out and 5k of down hill on the way home. Less than 2 weeks now! eeeek! Will keep you in mind for insperation =)



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