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was just wondering how many of you are members of running clubs? i am fairly new to running and am really enjoying it- booked in for my first 10k in november image i would describe myself as a plodder- i know i can do the distance (currently up to 5 miles without stopping) but it will be at the back and i will be slow... now i would really really like to get faster  at running as it does get a little boring being so slow but i think that i will struggle to push myself to do the interval/hill training on my would you join a club? i'm just worried that everyone will be super duper runners and it will demoralise me...just been away with work for a week and been running with work people and was definitely the slowest and this included people who said they were slow- clearly their measurement of 'slow' is different to even though the website says "all levels catered for"- do they really mean that??

My local club is the rochdale Harriers if anyone has any specific details on that club/ anyone is a member who might be able to offer some advice!

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  • Join! If a club say "all levels" they probably mean it. Most clubs encourage you to come along a few times before deciding to join so there is no harm in trying. If one club doesn't suit, try another one. Even here in the "middle of nowhere" (quoting my son) there is another club not too far away.

    I too ages to bite the bullet and approach a club, then regretted the delay.


  • A lot of clubs cater for all ability of runner from beginner to "super duper runners". I think everyone worries but it really isn't necessary. Clubs often want new members, that is, afterall, the purpose of the club. Be a strange club of only one (though I think there are a few runners who like it that wayimage

  • Join - or at least go along and meet them, and try running with them.

    Joining a club was the best thing I ever did, running-wise.  Not only did my running improve, I made new friends too.

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    A quick note to agree with what others have posted. Get along to a club and see what they offer.

    I've been running for a few years, but have only joined a club in the last couple of months. I now wish I had joined years ago. The hill repeat and speed sessions are more enjoyable and I find I try and latch onto someone who may be a bit quicker than me to help bring me on. Also, I'm finding their weekend LSRs are much more enjoyable than running by myself, and I'm going on local routes I've never been on before. It's only been a couple of months, but at the moment I'm finding it very motivating.

    My club is also very active on the social side, which is a bonus! For example, next weekend about 10 of the members are going on a trip to Barcelona for a half or full marathon.
  • At least try it, if you like your times will tumble as there is always someone better than you and they will pull you along.

  • thanks've inspired me to at least give it a go...have emailed them to see if i can pop along for a nosey this week! image don't have to go back if they are all Mo Farrah-esque do i! image

  • I'm a member of a local running club. A mix of young to mature runners, all running as a club. What's good about being in a club, is if running alone, one gets stale, and in a rut, but as a group helps to push each other, and it doesn't sound too bad, as I find running harder in a group is not a tiring as a lone run.

    I was running with a 17-year old runner, who is close to being in the national team, and another who's been running for 30 years. 

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