smartphone apps?

my shiny new iphone 5 just arrived...i've never had a smartphone before and am a little overexcited...what apps do you use to help with training?? image


  • Runkeeper
  • Sorry pressed submit too early - try their training plans, quite helpful
  • thanks goji- will check it out.

    have you used nike+? people seem to be raving about that but not sure what it does?

  • Not really. I checked quickly in app store: nike + 2.5 stars out of 5, runkeeper 4.5 out of 5. Both free, you can try them out and see which one you like more
  • +1 for runkeeper. Fairly faultless imho.

  • I've used Nike plus on the iPhone for 18 months and love it! It keeps a log of all your runs and tells you when you have run a PB for any distance. You can see your current pace on the screen at any point as well as the total distance you have covered. You can set it to tell you the total average pace every half mile or quarter of a mile. I like to look back to my earlier runs to see how I have progressed. It also shows a map of your run and the splits for each mile. When I have used it for races, I have always found it really accurate in terms of measuring distance.
  • If you want accuracy but a garmin watch.

    I ran a marathon today (my first) iPhone app 27.5m garmin watch 26.23m

    It's brilliant.
  • ah...but i can't afford a watch as well as the an app it will have to be... sounds like runkeeper is popular so will go for that once O2 sort my blooming number transfer to the new phone out!

    well done on your efforts today booktrunk image

  • I have just started running and Runkeeper is the app that makes me get out and keeps me motivated as I am following a training plan for the 1st time ever. And its free!

    I love the fact that it talks to you as you run to let you know how you are doing.
  • runkeeper or endomondo.

    runkeeper is better for useability and inputting workouts etc. However sometimes endomondo is better at picking up the GPS (i have no idea why!) and also if its a long run and there is a chance your battery will run out then endomondo uses a live upload so your run is saved as you go.

  • well have downloaded runkeeper so will try it out this week! am currently in the middle of a training plan but the ones on the app look quite good for starting with once current plan ends in 4 weeks! thanks guys image

  • just input your own training plan to runkeeper. image

  • I use garmin fit. As well as all the usual times, pace, distance etc it also does live tracking (the good lady knows I have actually been for a run as apposed to any other activity when I come home red faced and breathing heavily image). This does however cost ??1.49 a month or ??13 a year. Garmin all the way for me as I have one of their watches too and think they have one of the best GPS signals
  • i have tried a few of the above mentioned apps but to date have found none that will allow multiple intervals and gps, i do not always want to run set fast and slow throughout my run and like to mix it up a bit especcially when increasing my interval times.  does anyone know of a good app with does both.

  • Not sure what you mean - in runkeeper you have a good degree of flexibility in setting the intervals by distance and time, although it is only fast/slow. I guess if you want to plan a session very precisely, e.g. 800m repeats at 7 min miling, you'd need a watch
  • I always use Nike+ GPS app, but have some issues regarding its reliablility.

    Each upgrade seems to deteriorate its quality ironically.

    But i'm too afraid to lose my accumulated miles image

  • I was using couch to 10k but I don't like the training program - run 25 mins walk 1 run 25? etc so I switched to runkeeper and found a decent 1/2 mara program I started.

    But it doesn't matter if I lock the phone, or which pocket it goes in - its so sensitive. It jumps tracks, pauses, resumes and if I hold it and my head phones lightly touch the screen I get that woman telling me time and distance over and over.

    Anyone else had issues in the last update? am sure it was okay months ago when I used it.



  • Ninjablossom wrote (see)

    .........I get that woman telling me time and distance over and over.


    Surely not !!! image Sorry, couldnt resist that one !

  • yes surely yes. I'm not talking about an update every km which is normal. 

    I'm talking about a loop, a constant update, she finishes one update and starts again because the headphone wire knocks the screen even when the screen is locked. 

    So just wondering if anyone else has similar problems with the latest update?


  • No, never with a locked screen...
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