Osteopath or Physio?

I'm currently seeing a Physiotherapist for my shin splints but not really getting anywhere- I've heard that Osteopaths are better than Physio's and they do also cover sports injuries (I thought they were just for bad backs!). Has anybody got any opinions on this?


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    Blackdonkey, you've damaged your shins. The only thing you can do is wait and avoid doing anything that causes anymore damage. This is nature. You can't download an instant solution like an app on a fucking phone. 

  • Yes but massage will help loosen the tight muscles and relieve the damaged tissue. An osteopath may also be able to find an underlying cause and help to prevent it happening again. I would go to the Osteopath as they are better at looking at the bigger picture. Good luck.

  • Whichever you choose, if you can find one that has successfully treated runners with similar injuries that would help.

    Have you been to see Heather? Or Russell at deeside leisure centre?

    I would avoid anyone in a shiny new building with a flash car outside, they may be more interested in their income than your recovery.
  • Either might be able to help, or even combine a treatment plan. I've been treated by both a physio and an osteopath, and they both helped me at the time. A good physio will look at the bigger picture as much as a good osteopath. With both disciplines you do need to find someone who is used to treating runners, and comes recommended.

  • Thanks for the feedback! Need to go and chat for a bit of a 'plan' for the next few weeks/months... rest is imperative now but knowing when to start stretching/strengthening and having some sort of timescale for how long I have to rest for would be useful!

  • My old club used to have an osteopath who did running injury treatment and was also a top class runner himself which helps put faith in him. He was brilliant. Currently though I'm just across the road from a runners injury clinic and there I see a physio but again he is a good level club runner so I'm more inclined to listen to him. For example when I had a bad groin injury a couple of years ago he told me to stop running altogether for a while even though he normally tries to to keep people going so I took his advice and he was right!

  • I know people who have given The Bridge Clinic on Warrington road at Mickle Trafford a decent report

    And I was in the new running shop in Chester on Friday and they had some leaflets for a physio Up & Running on Bridge St and the manager in there is a 33 minutes 10 k runner, so worth chattin with
  • I would recommend both - together they appear to have fixed me!

  • Oesteopath - I saw one when injured and he was brilliant ( had a not great time with physio though that may have been due to actual practitioner) - I guess either are good - just a case of finding one that suits your own specific needs- good luck
  • Sorry to hijack but can anyone reccommend a good physio/osteopath in the Norwich area? I saw a guy earlier in the year at the Global Clinic in Colney but wasn't majorly impressed. His communication was poor, and he didn't seem very knowledgeable about running specific problems. 

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