Sunday 14th October 2012


Lyrics - It's just a feeling, I get sometimes

Happy Anniversary birkmyre.

Dustin - I think it's hard to compare like with like running x-country, best you can do is to see where you were relative to others.

Looks as though we had our first frost last night.

Legs are ok after yesterday's run - though I did give the knee a good going over with the foam roller - but I was coughing in the night so I'm being sensible and taking the mtb out for a little spin later instead of running again. I shall try not to fall off this time!

If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.


  • Lyrics: yes. Used to DJ with a guy who liked this song.

    9m steady as she goes. Anyone racing today other than RFJ?

  • Wow, exciting racing going on yesterday! Well done Pammie, Wabo, RFJ and Dustin.

    LMH: yesterday's run sounds promising! Just what you need to boost your confidence.

    birks: Happy anniversary image

    OMG, xmas shopping image. I think I stick my head in the sand for a little while longer ...

    what: a short offroad bimble later
    why: really enjoy running without an agenda at the mo
    last hard: exactly a week ago at about this time image
    last rest: Friday
    lyrics: yes

  • What: kayaking

    Why: its Sunday, the wind has dropped and the sun is shining

    Last rest: yesterday (if you discount the all day flu immunisation clinic)

    Last Hard: Thursday

    Lyrics: no idea
  • What: 15km.

    Why: Long Sunday run and getting ready for a 10 mile race next weekend. Best run in ages. I love autumn!

    Last hard: Tuesday 12k.

    Last rest: Thursday.

    Lyrics: Not a clue!
  • Afternoon!

    Yes...would be a wonderful day for a run! If only. Have done half an hour on the exercise bike, which is not quite the same! Also bought one present for that event that happens in a couple of months time.

    For those who get the Observer, my QofP features on page 3 of the sport section!

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • Afternoon

    What 9.75 Too fast
    Why Bloody cold first thing
    Lyrics No

    Warmed up now but couldn't feel my hands and arms when I was out at 8ish

    Just a couple of jogs left now til next weekend. I have really struggled last week with motivation but appear to have successfuly avoided the plague in house, 4 down with head colds Thursday and Friday.

    no one in my house is making sense since we acquired two kittens last weekend. Our decrepid old cat is still sulking.  

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Yesterdays Lyrics wer "Casting Crowns" with Couragous

    Slightly hyper here -

    1st PB for a long time....... and its come in fine style at Solent Half... plan was to go hard at around 6:40s preferably just under to get in around 1:27 ish as was seeing where I am at in regards to Gosport where I want a sub 85..... a good 1.1m warm up and feeling achy from yesterdays XC (done this before XC then PB the following day 4 years agon on the same 2 courses).....

    So to the race....

    1m - 6:37 a nice steady start, and lost of people jostling for places
    2m - 6:39 a bit up and down and a group starts to form
    3m - 6:40 Feeling a bit tired and tring to hang onto the group that is now established of about 15 runners
    4m - 6:37 Easing off the aches and running like a happy cat - purring.....
    5m - 6:34 In the group and purring
    6m - 6:33 This group running is excellent, a bit of chat, but mainly respect to each other
    7m - 6:27 and hit half way just outside PB pace with the hills to come.... oh and I for the 1st time hit he front of the train / bus
    8m - 6:30 still purring and feeling good the group lead changes several times but I am now mostly at the head of the group
    9m - 6:34 as above
    10m - 6:38 the hills are kicking in a bit and lose the odd 1 or 2 from the group...
    11m 6:37 Big hill in here and sorts the group out into single file for the first time in 8 or so miles, but still together just
    12m 6:40 a long grind and I know a PB is not far away but even though kicking up the drag its not making an impact other than overtaking.....
    13m 6:18 The course flatens and I PUSH like I have never done before a mile out knwing hat I have around 7 mins for a PB.... fighting and push... the group has split now and its everyone for them selves.....
    .1 30 secs and RUN LIKE A NUTTER.....

    1:25:59 on the watch.... a 9 second PB

    Oh happy days, thanks to all the guys in the group, top work...

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    brilliant stuff RFJ, great running especially after yesterday! 
    decent miles too GGG, 7D & postie 

    off out shortly for a 12-13 miler (I hope), caught up this morning - youngest was in schools biathlon qualifier, solid run-5th or 6th fastest (out of ~30) followed up with 5th fastest swim, so perhaps a squeeze into the top 3 overall...official results take a day or two usually. Very pleasing after last night's first outing for the 'A' squad in the latest swim league gala.

    think I know the lyric 

  • emzapemzap ✭✭✭

    Evening all.
    Some good racing, wabo, pammie, rfj, dustin

    Ale  sorry to hear you're still waiting for tests image

    What: nothing today, hiking for about 1 hour yesterday
    Why: I really have been too tired these last few weeks.  I just can't do it at the moment!
    Last hard: admiting to myself that I'm too tired to train and that it means I'm feeling a bit cr@p.

    Chick unless you never go into the supermarket here, you can't deny they're preparing for the C word.  There's stollen in the shops already, it's crazy!!!

    Have a good one all.

  • RFJ great run and great report

    Just back in from kayaking (round Marwick Head)
    Bit lumpier than we'd thought it would be but fast trip with tail wind for most of the way

  • Hope your girls stick with the sports Dustin - sounds as though they may have a great future.

    Well done on the PB RFJ.

    It happens sometimes emzap - you've had a lot going on lately. Allow your self a couple of weeks and then plan to get back to it.

    OH - tail wind most of the way sounds good.

    If you think you can or you think you can't you're probably right.
  • LMH tail wind good yes but ...

    The stronger the wind, the bigger the waves and with a tail wind they're coming from behind you. Just a mile of the rough stuff today. Also half mile postage up slippery slabs as we got back too soon for high tide. All good fun image
  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    LMH & RFJ, quite right about comparing XCs, better placed this year than last (relative to field size..)
    And huge congrats to Felix...39km in one step...awesome 

  • Sorry guys - absent without leave again, but I haven't run since Wednesday, so I think I'll leave it for a bit till I get back on track again.

    Great run from you RFJ - and back to back! Amazing!

    Little Miss Happy - you seem to be back on track and listening to your body - hope things continue to improve.

    Dustin - well done to youngest - hope he manages to squeeze into top 3 but great effort regardless.

    I've just seen my 67 year old friend's result and IM Kona - she won't be very happy. She's done it many times, but something must have gone seriously wrong. But she did finish and I know she will be happy about that.

  • RFJ, There I was, still feeling an assimilation with Postie for the cold fingered morning run that was too fast and (probably) generated a muscle strain. Then you come on with a race report. And what a race. A mile warm up, seemed to be a bit professional, but I know what you were about. 6:40 m/m plans? Hmm, this is getting close to home. B for Bang and we're off. Oh yes, I was there on your shoulder. Cruising and joking, lovely day for it. Half way and pace is fine. But we know about sheep and goats, and yes, the hills are the difference between men and boys. No fade in enthusiasm or pace? Yes, you have got the measure of this group and this course GUN IT MY SON! I am so pleased that you were able to deliver a PB on a challenging course. Do tell us what position you came and how many started? You're in that time zone now where it starts to matter.

    For me?
    An hour's swim training, with me having made a request for coach to be critical about my stroke. I got the feeling afterwards that he was wondering where to begin. A bit of a ripping up of my assymetric "style". Apparently, like the Strictly judges might say, I've improved. That's always a prelude to being voted off.

  • RFJRFJ ✭✭✭

    Blisters - many thanks, loved that repost.... for the record 43rd from 372 finishers, 8th V40 and they rounded time up (as usual) Gun to 86:02 and Chip to 86 dead.... still a PB and still happy with I think possibly one of the best executed races I have ever raced..... image

    Out on travel for next 2 days with limited access, take care

  • RFJ: Nice one! And an easy PB to remember! Here's to the sub 85 at Gosport!

    Think positive thoughts, banish negative ideas and visualize your success
  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    RFJ - nice one, it was nice in the forest today. It was me that said hello, just before the B of the Bang.

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