The Olympic legacy

My partner did his first parkrun yesterday, ran all the way in about 35 minutes. He has always shied away from running because of asthma but over the summer did the C25K -mostly in the gym but with some runs outside. I think he's got the bug ... My daughter (nearly 14) has joined the local athletics club with 2 friends and has started doing parkrun with 2 other friends. I think she definitley has the bug too. My youngest (8) says she wants to come running with me so long as I don't go too fast image. I did my first half marathon last week and start training soon for VLM. Our kids were indifferent to the Olympics before they started (too young to know what it's all about really)so we made the Opening Ceremony into a bit of a party night to try and get them interested (thank-you Danny Boyle). They got more and more into it, we took them to all the bike races - we live in the area - had tickets for swimming and Paralympics athletics - and had a fantastic time. There is no doubt this has translated directly into actual participation in sport - just wondering if anyone elses's family/friends have been touched by their own little share of Olympic legacy?


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    We are still embracing it in our household! 9yr old son gave up football over the summer and now joined local athletics club with my younger daughter. Absolutely love it both of them. Next week they are both participating in a junior duathlon which sold out 200 places in a matter of days! guess its helps if the kids have active and sporty parents though...
  • Having not run on the track since school I was going to take up senior athletics before I looked at some of the times times and realised that even with a lot of training I'd still be spectaularly sh*t image

    Also it killed my interest in watching football stone dead - I finally realised how sick and tired I was with the players' attitudes having seen been witness to such amazing sportsmanship during the Olympics. 

  • Katrina.....that is great to hear............image

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