Christmas Bah Humbug or Happy days

I know its early but Christmas is on the cards!!!

Has anyone bought there xmas presents yet!!

I don't live with my kids, but already ordered there prezzies..

Might treat myself to a new Garmin.

Will still be out on xmas day for a run !!!


  • You'll be banned from the forum for using the 'C' word

  • Bah Humbug!

    I guess if you are shopping on line you have to think early or the pressis may not arrive. I bought one when I saw it as it was one of those things you'll prolly never see again.

    Haven't got last Christmas out of the way yet. image

    edit as I made no sense even to myself.

  • I'm more in the bah humbug camp, but I have started shopping, as I see things which I think people will like.  Leave it 'til later and you can't find it, as T.mouse says.

    I do all my shopping on line, can't stand crowded shops at any time of year, and from November onwards it just gets worse.



  • bookworm - Thats great. I know afew people that should go to. I can't think about shopping yet. Panics me when I hear people have started and 'even' finished their gift buying. Oh lord !

  • I love Christmas soo much especially with 3 little men to get excited about it too... BUT only until November will I give it a second thought.
  • I love Christmas, love it love it love it! 

  • JeremyGJeremyG ✭✭✭

    Nice one Sarah!
    I wish someone would give the supermarkets a slap. My local Sainsburys started putting out Christmas stuff 2 weeks ago. Plain ridiculous.
    I normally like Christmas but this year Bah Humbug as I will be working Christmas and NY offshoreimage

  • OP - wash your mouth out with soap and water!! Far too early for that kind of talk! I was dragged into a Christmas decorations shop the other day and then the indignity of it all - I had to get my wallet out!

    Don't get me wrong though, I like Christmas day and even the fun of the (short) run up to it. For a few years we have cut down our own tree (free on NT land in Surrey) which has added to the enjoyment but I prefer to start thinking about it in December thank you!

  • Whats the one song that makes  your xmas ??? fairly tare of new york... sorry spellt wrong..


  • CindersCinders ✭✭✭

    Tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la laaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.........

    Have started shopping, like above, I've seen things people will like but it's too early yet!

  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    This week I recorded a video thankyou message which will be linked from e-mails to be sent to people who give an online donation to the charity I work for. Christmas starts in earnest in about two weeks.
  • Christmas embodies all the things I really hate....

    • religion
    • consumerism
    • drinking

    I HATE christmas!

  • I like Christmas when it comes, but it's too early to mention it yet.

  • Little Nemo - waving, not drowning! wrote (see)

    Harsh from Craig!


    ashman wrote (see)

    Whats the one song that makes  your xmas ??? fairly tare of new york... sorry spellt wrong..



    I like Fairytale of New York but I hate the Christmas songs that get overplayed in shops from the beginning of November onwards - I feel sorry for the people who work in those places who have to listen to them over and over and over and then deal with a bunch of stressed, snappy, rude customers.

    I'm hoping there will be another campaign like the one to get Rage Against The Machine to Xmas #1 instead of whoever wins X-Factor.

    I've started thinking about a couple of Christmassy outings that we had to book in advance -  and I'll probably start shopping in a couple of weeks (online, no Christmas music!). I tend to start early because I've got friends and family abroad so need to post their stuff early, so might as well do the rest of it at the same time too. (Also means I can keep my December pay for shopping in the January sales image )

  • I actually really love Christmas, but I can't bear the commercialism of it all. They'd got Christmas cards in the supermarket next to the disposable barbecues a few weeks back!  And Wizzard's Christmas song was on the internet radio the other day! image

    I've started planning dates/availabilities, but that's a necessity. There's nothing celebratory going on at this point!

  • I have started shopping and I've made up a list of what everyone is getting...I'll buy one present a week to make sure it's not too big a financial burden all at the one go.

    I've got Christmas alcohol brewing to hand out as presents (toffee vodka yum!) and I'll start cooking and freezing soon (I make up yummy hampers for the in laws)

    I have been putting money on 3 gift cards from Sainsburys - one will be large enough to get all our Christmas and New Year shopping that's one less expense...and the other two I'll give to my parents and MrGFB's mum (probably around £50 each - they're pensioners and I think it'll take a bit of a burden off them)

    Christmas!  We love it!! image

  • Clever ideas for spreading the cost there GFB, I might have to steal some of them!

  • Obviously as a child I loved Christmas but as I became an adult I got a bit disillusioned with the whole thing. It just seemed that there was no real message to it. It's not exactly a celebration of the birth of Christ as I believe originally it was a Pagan festival?. I like to buy gifts for my Children but I really don't like the consumerism and just greed really. I don't need anything. Not really. I've got heat, food, a bed to sleep in. There is nothing else that I NEED. I don't have presents anymore, I ask friends/relatives to donate the money to a charity that I chose. People bang on about the Christmas spirit etc .At least this way I feel like I've actually given something that will help others. I'm lucky. I don't need any help. I don't hate Christmas but I would just like it be worth more than buying and receiving load of clobber for no reason that I could justify.

  • I hate it with a passion.  I wouldn't mind it at all if it maybe lasted a week - but the fact that it now appears to start sometime in October so that the whole bloody thing last longer and longer.

    As a festival to brighten up the dark winter nights - happy with that part. Lets have a couple of days off work - cover everything with lights and have a nice family dinner.  That's enough.

    The real meaning of Christmas - and folks who even mention 'the real meaning of Christmas' quite frankly should shut up. It's all a load of old bollocks and most folks over the age of 15 know it.


    If you are a Christian - get to church - the rest of the country - stop using it as an excuse to get pissed and act like adolescents.


    yes I really really hate it.

  • Next have got their Christmas windows already...... image

  • bastards

  • Wilkie wrote (see)

    Next have got their Christmas windows already...... image


    GymAddict wrote (see)



  • WombleWomble ✭✭✭
    Avoid it all and do some volunteering image How on earth do I do a linky on an ipad?
  • i like christmas. piss artists like me sort of blend in.

  • i love christmas.

    but i don't want to hear about it until 1st Dec at the earliest

  • I love Christmas and NYE because I get extra time off work, and it's a good excuse to laze around as there's nothing else to do anyway.

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