10k pb sub 40

Hey guys, i have a pb on 10k of 47 minutes. I want to get it down to under 40 minutes in about 8 weeks.

I also run half marathons and have a pb of 1 47

any advice guys


  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    The short answer is you are unlikely to reduce your pb by the best part of 20% in 8 weeks.  The long answer requires a lot more information, particularly (a) when your pb was set and (b) what training/racing have you done recently.

  • Andrew, joolska just beat me to it but there is no way. That's a vast improvement and even allowing for your light mileage as per your profile, you might not make it ever. Better to make up a long term programme for gradual rather than spectacular improvement over a period of years. 1 or maybe 2 mins a year off your 10km time is more likely and will avoid you getting injured or giving in due to disappointment.


  • my pb was set 2 weeks ago

    i did the royal parks halfmarathon last sunday pb on 1 47

    i train 5 days a week schedule is as ffollows

    mon - hill sprints 1 hour

    tues - circuits 45 minutes

    wed - mile and a half best effort or more hill sprints

    thurs - 10k at tempo

    fri - 10k recovery

    sat - rest

    sun - rest

    what do you thinik

  • Drop the whole lot and stick to steady runs for a year. That sounds more like a summer schedule for 800m running.image

  • ive already had big improvement in the past 6 months i went from nothing to a pb of 47 min 10k and 1 47 hm pb.

    if i can do that in 6 months then look at what i can do in a year?

    during races i have a kick during the last 2 or 3 kilometres.

    come on give me a bit better advice

  • any more suggestions

  • You're unlikely to get much more advice about reducing your time so dramatically because, as everyone's said, it's unrealistic. That's if your PB a couple of weeks ago was your best effort at that time, as I'm assuming it was. Seven minutes might not sounds much but it's a pace of more than a minute a mile faster than you're doing now and that's quite a lot.

    That's not to say you couldn't do it given the time and an appropriate training plan though. I'm 64 and ran 42 minutes for a 10K last year so 40 minutes is not that quick if you're young and fit.

  • ok so what would you suggest to reduce my timing for 10k?

  • You might find this link useful as someone else was asking about sub-40 10K training.


  • JoolskaJoolska ✭✭✭

    Seriously, for your longer term plans you need to spend time doing plenty of steady running to both work on your aerobic fitness and to ensure your muscles, ligaments and tendons are strong enough.  You were given very, very helpful advice which will ensure you run well in 2013, 2014 and 2015.  You're doing 3 tough sessions in 4 days at the moment (maybe even 4 tough sessions if the circuits are demanding), and that is not sustainable long-term.  Take a look at some of the 10k schedules on this website.  Generally they have 2 high quality sessions a week.

  • Dr.DanDr.Dan ✭✭✭

    Base and patience. You need a lot more miles in you legs and these need to be easy miles. The quality miles come later and only need to be twice a week.




  • Dr Dan beat me to it. Take the top thread's advice very seriously! Your training program looks like a recipe for injury.

  • In 2 months of training i went from no running at all to a 43:59 min 10k, your training plan sounds ok the only thing you are not doing is the long runs, this was a big help for me to get the time i did, you need to include 1 long run a week around 10-12miles. Without the long run you will never get your time down. also another good session that helped me was 1 mile warm up then 1 mile repeats at 6:20per mile times 4 with 1:30min recovery in between, and 1 mile warm down when you get more used to the session you could either lower the time or do more repeats.

    It will be really hard to get that much off your pb in that short time but with the long run included you should get it down to at least sub 43min.

    have a look at this thread I got a lot of good advice to help me improve my time.


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