Half to Full Marathon Schedule?

I have just completed my second half running completely, I have probably finished about seven and most included walky bits, some planned as a 8/2 run/walk schedule from the outset and most as 'ooo got to mile 11 my legs have had enough.' I have a place to run Brighton and would love to finish having run the whole distance too. 

My two previous marathons were both London this year and last finishing spookily only twenty seconds quicker the second time!! My times are very slow but very steady averaging 12 minute miles. 

I can devote four runs a week, any links to a 26 week half to marathon plan? Or should I start in the middle of a marathon plan and repeat each week? I have never followed a plan religiously using them for distances mainly. All my runs are ploddy slow, so happy to try some basic intervals but don't want it to get too technical. 

Any replies gratefully received. 


  • stutyrstutyr ✭✭✭

    Most marathon plans are around the 16 week duration, so you have ten weeks before you start a plan.  Most of these plans will assume a certain level of fitness at the start, so you want to maintain your  current level of fitness until then.

    TBH I'm in a similar situation, having just run a HM and VLM booked for April.  I have a marathon plan starting at the end of December, and my aim for the interim period is to repeat the HM plan but add some additional distance into the runs (e.g 7m steady will be 9m steady, a long run of 11m will become 13m etc) as I'm more concerned about endurance than speed.

  • Yes, they are two completely different races, and for the marathon you should find a decent 12 to 16 week plan which you start after establishing a decent running base. You will have plenty of time to build up your base mileage, before starting a plan at the end of the year. You needn't be too concerned about intervals just yet. Some easy running and a long run at the weekend should be good to take you through to Christmas, by which time you can follow the plan.Most decent plans will give guidance on what you should be capable of before starting week 1.

    To run all the way around 26.2 miles , endurance is going to be your focus. Don't get hung up on intervals, but the odd tempo run would be useful. Delveloping your long run is the priority

  • Hi Hot fox please may I ask what your time was for the half marathon you have just done?. Can I also ask how much training you did for that?. I have just signed up for my first half and wondering how much mileage I need to do ?

    Good luck with your marathon training im sure you will do very well. Thanks brenda

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