VLM time to aim for

I am am doing VLM 2013 - it'll be my first marathon.

If I am currently running a 10k in 52 mins what should my target time be for VLM?

Coach at running club reckons I can aim for 4 hours. This seems a bit fanciful as there are guys at the club who run faster 10ks than me who've recently runn marathons in well over 4 hours.

I'd love to run 3h59m .

I had some injuries earlier this year but am back now. I have a good level of fitness and do plenty of cross-training in addition to running. I am 42 years old.

Any advice and shared experiences welcome. Cheers.


  • 52 min 10k puts you at exactly the fitness you need to run 4 hours.

    The major caveat is that you have to do the appropriate training for the event, and 10ks are a little short to be an ideal marahon predictor.

    If you put the work in, especially building good base mileage from now until Christmas then there's no reason you couldn't run a bit under 4 by the time April comes.

  • Yes all depends in if you get the long runs in in preparation.

    You're certainly in the area - but I'd aim to get an early half or two booked in. That will give you a better idea of what you can go for.
  • JeremyGJeremyG ✭✭✭
    You have time. Most marathon training plans are 16 or 18 weeks so from now until new year concentrate on getting a good base in. Don't know what you're longest run is but even if only 6,7 adding a mile a week should get you a decent head start. Main thing is get a good plan, look at mcmillan pace calculator to get an idea of training paces. Don't get too fixated on the time for your first one, the first one is a huge learning experience.
  • I'm in the same situation. 10km in 52 mins, first half marathon in two weeks and hoping for under two hours. The concept of doing VLM next year in under 4 seems a bit fanciful as much more experienced runners still seem to have this as their target. But you can only try!

  • Thanks for the input guys. I am doing Helsby Half in January and then Liverpool Half in March. Hoping this will give me an initial guide time then a measure of my improvement.

    Helsby last year was my first Half and managed 1h58m on a VERY windy day. For those who don't know it the course is pretty lumpy too! (So Vicky you can definitely do sub2h in a couple of weeks).

    My long runs are 7-12 miles and I run with a club twixce a week.

  • ShedboyShedboy ✭✭✭
    This is bizarre new strider I'm around same age 41 my 10k run was 52 mins until the weekend when I smashed it to 48 mins after 4 years. I've been injured and back running for two months. Coach says 3 hrs 59 for me at vlm! This will be my first marathon and I am following Hal higdons marathon 3 to reduce injury and the fact there are 3 20milers. I have the speed to do 4 hrs but need to build up endurance as one of thenposters says this seems to be key. Key difference is I will do more tempo and speed work now and again as well as one hard spin class a week and one easier cycle to mimic easy running. Upto 10 miles long now and a trick I was told was to run close to marathon pace for 2 of last 3 miles...it's really helping so far. Keen to hear how you get on as we seem quite similar in times, age and marathon experience! Good luck....crickeyI start training on 5th November tick tock
  • That is spooky Shedboy. Hoping I can looking forward to smashing my 10k PB some time soon. What do you think did the trick for you with taking 4 minutes off?

    I'll let you know how my training and warm up races go.

    Anybody get a charity place? I did - www.justgiving.com/Graeme-Hind1

  • ShedboyShedboy ✭✭✭
    Adding some speed, hills and variety .... Also spin cycle classes! I seriously think my fitness has vastly improved because of these. I do 3 runs pw long, interval speed work or fartlek and a tempo/pace. I think it's all helped but I am now a big advocate of cross training - although I've been told not to do the spins too much as mileage ramps up and conserve energy for running so will drop these significantly in December .... I'll be dead fit by then though. Ok one more spooky thing your name isn't really Graeme as the link suggest? Me too image
  • Hmm another question I could written myself. I too have just run a 10k in 52mins and am hoping to dip under the elusive 4hrs at VLM. I know I should be able as I can run a 1;50 half but i have had 2mara attempts and managed a 4.45 after overtraining and a 4.04 which was heart breakingly close. 

    I think you have got the right idea shedboy with adding some cross training- something I never do. 

    ps my name is not graeme......it is Mary.

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