First Marathon-Anywhere good?

Hi all, I'm doing my second HM at Stroud next Sunday. I'm looking for a good first marathon to try, in at least August next year to give me time to train properly. Is there any such thing as a good starter marathon in the UK? I hear that Abingdon is nice and flat but I'm open to advice. I'm based in North Devon so the North of Scotland is out, but I can manage anywhere up to Edinburgh Cheers Steve


  • I just completed Chester as my first marathon last weekend, nice summer to train for it and while I have no comparison, I was blown away at how well organised it was. The route was almost flat barring a couple of small hills near the end with great countryside and support, and while busy enough that you would never be running on your own, plenty of space (no weaving between people). I'm doing it again. Check out the thread for it in the events forum.
  • Cheers Daeve. I'll have a look at it. We can get to Chester easy enough. I need some motivation to get into the training first. I'm also looking at Liverpool as another possible
  • I think I'm going to enter Chester but I've just come back after my first 2 mile training run , feeling a bit demoralised and out of breath. 2 miles in 25.36. Hope it goes uphill from here
  • Plenty of time to go, in 3 or 4 months you'll get another mile in in that time image

    I'll echo from your other thread - slow it right down and get a HR monitor.  If you haven't got one, I highly recommend a GPS watch (I use Garmin) so you can automatically log your paces, distances and routes along with your HR and you'll see yourself improve.

    I felt the same when I started, but by the 3rd week I could feel the improvement.  The important thing is not to get injured, or push too hard at the start.

    As you're running - you should hope it's all "downhill" from here! image



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