Urgent - spike sizes... Are they the same as normal shoes???

Help urgently needed. I need to get a pair of new spikes for an xc comp next weekend. Can't get to a running shop so it will have to be off the tinterweb. I already have a pair of puma track spikes that were fitted properly many years ago, and as I know they work I am going for some more Puma ones. Checked the size in my existing spikes and they say 9. Normal shoe sizes I am 6/7. Are spikes somehow labelled differently (or maybe they were many years ago.) Need to order tonight so any help appreciated


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    That's a big size discrepancy.  My guess is that it can vary a lot between manufacturers.  Some spikes will be very narrow in the mid-foot and you might have to go up a size or two.  I have a pair of Brooks which are exactly the same size as my normal running shoes, 9.5, but I recently bought some Adidas track spikes in 10.5.

    Buying off the web is a bit of a risk really.  You do want spikes to be a snug fit so your foot doesn't move around on uneven ground, but too small and you won't even get them on.  I'd suggest doing your review homework on specific shoes to see how people compare sizes to running shoes you're familiar with.

  • Just seen you needed to order last night but just in case you havent done it yet are you sure the pair you have now are not a US size 9 which would be a UK 8, still a bit of a jump from your normal shoes but so much.

  • or indeed that "9" doesn't refer to the length of the spike image

  • or that you havent got the shoe upside downimage

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