Dirty Weekend 11th May 3013

Hi all.

I am looking at participating in an "extreme" running/fitness event. I have seen one in particular that looks very interesting. Its called Dirty weekend and is in the west midlands (just) in a place called Burghley Estate near Peterborough.

It seems very reasonably priced for this type of event and seems like its gonna be a whole lot of fun.

Is anyone else looking at this event or even registered already ?


  • Hi Craig , myself and 4 other mates are planning on doing this race, we are entering as a team ( as its cheaper). We all did the Survival of the Fittest in Cardiff and we are now planning on the Dirty Weekend not sure if we are all going to survive the course!!

  • It looks like it going to be a very very good course, not sure if I'll survive myself.lol Where are you all travelling from ? Havnt found too many ppl who are doing this yet but I'm sure there will be plenty there.
  • We are travelling from Pembrokeshire in South Wales, we all did survival of the fittest and have now got the bug for these sort of races!! I must say im looking forward to the race more than im looking forward to camping!! Where are you coming from? have you done this sort of race before?

  • I'm very new to running in any type oe event. Infact I've only done 5 parkruns to date but have my 1st 10k run coming up in November. I've also just registered to do the addidas Silverstone half marathon in March... Never done any assult course type so I'm sure this will kill me but I'm looking forward to it anyway... never shy away from a challenge. Bring it on !! Lol

    I'm from Coventry, yeah I know what u mean about the camping
  • You sound like you'll be ready for ths event by the time May comes round! Most the guys I run with have never run over 10 miles and they're still up for it !! I hate camping!!!

  • Its surprising how quickly a runner can condition his/hers body and become fit quite quickly.

    Plus events like this look like soo much fun !

    Camping is not the best, especially on ur tod.... my mates are lame and would never do an event like this. Lol
  • what??? You'll have to find someone to come with you!! Its gonna be such a good weekend, my tactic is play the "im only a girl" card and make the guys stop and help me over obstacles, seemed to work at survival of the fittest, then get as drunk as you can to numb the pain of running 20 miles plus 200 obstacles!!

  • May 3013 ?

    At least I'll have plenty of time to get some training in.

  • Lmao that might just work.... somehow I don't think ill gety away with it.

    Yeah it would be good to find someone else to travel with and run the course.

    Just reading the 20 miles plus 200 obstacles makes me smile from ear to ear.

    Bring on the pain image
  • and the hangover!!

  • Yes and the hangover....

    The pain I'm sure I can handle though
  • Yeah Run Wales - slight typo their. My Bad ! Lol
  • ha ha 3013!!


  • EH u only just noted that and laughed image

    I'm sure the date will be ok 1 day....
  • ha ha i'll blame it on tiredness!

  • Are you sure its not the drink ? Muhahaha image
  • Hi.

    We are doing it as a team of 10..we have a mixed team, some 10k,half marathon runners, one 140 mile coast to coast in 5 days runner and the others are `very novice` runners, ie Not run more than 2 mile yet. Some have done a couple of rat race organised events, the Stockton on tees water thingy and Clumber Park 10k trail run..both organised superb.We are doing the 13 miler though as 5 of the team have just come back from doing the `Tough Mudder` event and said no way are they doing the 20 miles. It should be fun..cant wait..if I can do it at 59 anyone can..see you there.

  • I'm just looking at it as well.  Already done the 10k X Runner versions and it does look epic.  I'm going to enter the 20 miler (as it all costs the same) and hope to do the 13 miles.

    It definitely looks great and at £119 for the weekend v £75 for Tough Mudder it looks a bargain.

    Good luck and see you at the after party image

  • I'm going image 

    I would imagine with 200 or so obstacles that it won't be much of a run, but maybe more of a fast paced walk broken up by, you guessed it obstacles! I might be wrong though. Never done anything like this before but from my experience of events people normally tend to help each other out where they can.

  • I thinking about doing this event but am looking to make up a team, does anyone need somebody??
  • Chantal let me know if you decide to join. I was going but fellow runners backed out. This should be a good event so I wouldnt mind joining someone to do it.

  • Sounds cool, deffo up for it! Do u know cost??
  • Was looking to do the half mucker
  • Currently £119.00 for a solo entrant, same price for full and half. I think you can enter full and then drop out half way if you aren't feeling it on the day!


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