Cube agree race gct 2013 road bike

Hi everyone,

Just about to but my first road bike and very interested in this bike.

Can anyone advice on this bike to wether it will be ok for triathlons and as a first road bike? ANy advice of any other bikes for a similiar price?


  • Mate of mine bought the Cube Agree a couple of years ago but the Alu one. It's a great bike and he has used it in a few tris and loves it. Yours is not a bad spec, nice wheels (I really like Easton kit) and what appears a slid groupset, nice bum park and top tyres. They ride nicely. I have a Cube MTB and it's fabulous, top build quality. 

    Usual advice, fit fit fit fit fit. If it doesn't fit, it's a waste of money. I think cyclesurgery do do fits so get one first.

    Quite a few on here rate Planet X, the Boardman serious bikes as well. All that sort of moolar. Also, check out Raleigh. Believe it or not , they are making some fine carbon rides about that money and you might get a deal as they are not generally on the radar.  

  • That's a SOLID groupset!

  • yeah i have done a little research and its a good group set. Looked at a few bikes with the 105 set for around £1000 but thought id have to upgrade the groupset quick if i wanted to do lots of tri's.

    Yes they do a fit so will have to pop up and have ago, i believe you have to pay the full amount tho for them to get the bike in.



  • Usually will get the cost of the bikefit knocked off the bike if it's a reasonably basic one. You will probably fine tune it anyway

  • my brother has that bike and loves it

  • Flowerpower has one great bike for the cash image
  • sounds like its a good bike then

    Ill go up at the weekend and see if they can fit me

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