will a turbo ruin my tyre?

I picked up a turbo trainer on the cheap (tacs satori) and am just wondering whether it will shred my tyre.

I have a cyclocross bike with cross tyres, I'm not too bothered about the extra noise that these will generate but I don't want them to get completely shredded! I plan to use the trainer a couple of times a week at most and don't really want to change tyre every time.

The other option is a spare wheel but that's gonna be another 70quid or so once I've also bought a tyre and cassette, plus my bike has disc breaks, so they won't work unless I get a compatible wheel - although I guess I don't need functioning breaks on the turbo......

Any thoughts?



  • Mine does ...... others dont image

    eta:  Its more than likely something I am doing wrong rather than the turbo/tyre combo but that said I would probably pick up a cheap wheel and use that rather than my 'going out' tyre

  • I have a cheap wheel for use on the turbo, and after a large bang I've used a turbo tyre for ages
  • I use a turbo tyre that was purchased from wiggle.It has a thicker rubber so wont wear as quickly
  • Try it and see ? If you notice wear - then you do. If you don't - then you've saved your dosh.
  • TRTR ✭✭✭

    I have one bike and one set of wheels, if your tyre shreds then put a Vittoria Rubino on it, they are cheap and the turbo (or the roads) doesnt chew them up, and I ride on some pretty ropey West Sussex road surfaces.

  • turbo tyre is about eighteen quid. like 4 pints or summat. And they last for years. and are quiet in a DVD session.

  • Mine did but it took along time to happen.

  • Mine doesnt shred tryes. (Except one evening, just the once, for some reason. Weired) 

    I bought a new set of wheels in the summer so I can use my old wheel as my turbo wheel. It's much more convenient. maybe get something on Ebay? As long as the wheel is round and the gears are similar ratio it should be OK?

    But I'd go with Cougie's advice (for once!) on this one. Try it and see.

  • M...eldy wrote (see)

     my 'going out' tyre

    Is that like a 'boob tube' you wear down to the pub, Meldy?  image

  • Should I be equally worried about saddle wear and excessive bar-tape deterioration? image

    Sooooo much noise in here at the moment about the dark perils of using a turbo. Just sling the fecking thing on the machine and have a workout, no?? Your tyre wears down or it doesn't wear down. You deal with either outcome. JFDI image.

  • I've always found that turbo's knacker tyres.

    I keep tyre's that I'm no longer comfortable using on the road (because they're nearly worn out) and use them on the turbo to finish them off.

  • The instructions on my turbo say not to use your brakes as it will "knacker it" (or something equally technical).

    Yeah, but what if the cat jumps out in front of you...? image

  • I wouldn't have a problem using a road tyre on the turbo but I think a cross tyre is going to wear a bit quicker - and be a lot noisier - if you aren't racing cross on it though I don't suppose it matters if it wears a bit as you don't need too much grip on towpaths and stuff - personally I wouldn't use a cross tyre I was racing on with a turbo.   

  • Thanks again everyone, luckily I don't have a cat rustman!

    I'll just give it a go and see what happens, my idea was to avoid having the hassle of changing the tyre each time I want to use the turbo and also avoid the expense of a spare wheel and cassette etc!

    How easy is it to change the tyre and innertube over?
  • I actually blew up a good tyre on the turbo, after about 3 hours it started making a slight thudding noise, I thought it was the turbo playing up and ignored it because the target for that ride was 4 hours.

    A little later the thudding gets louder and faster, then just as I look back to see if the turbo is coming apart... 'bang' ...the tyre & tube goes pop! Compressed air and dust flying everywhere for a second or two.

    I guess it was heat? anyhow, it blew a 1 cm jaged hole in the tube and tyre, no fixing that!

    That's when I decided to buy a turbo tyre and to never ever be silly enough to sit on a turbo trainer for that long again image

  • I never use a turbo for that long - I find them much better for shorter - more intense efforts.  An hour is about top for me.

    Crux - what effort level were you putting in on that ? 


    Changing tyre and innertube would only take 10 mins or so - but if you have to do that before a turbo session - I dont think many will happen. 

    I've done plenty of sessions on my turbo on different tyres without any excess wear - but I'd never do a mult hour session. 

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