Tour De trough

imageNext march we are putting on a 3man road relay around the hills of mid lancashire but it is a hard course.So if your up for a challenge you can enter a team with runners world running diary shoestring results or john schofield but dont leave it to the late to enter as there are only 75 teams allowed cheers Alan T.


  • Hopefully in the next day or so we will post the course route and a garmin read out so you can have a look Got six teams in so far just another 69 to go.
  • If we can fill this event up we are going to lay a coach on to take the 3rd leg runners to the start of leg 3 to save traffic congestion so it makes the logistics better for the first two legs.
  • This has just been brought to my attention that I have forgot to put a team prize for mixed teams on the entry form so will amend this on the web sites and forms ASAP.
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