they fight crime

He's a maverick drug-addicted master criminal from a doomed world. She's a beautiful gypsy femme fatale with a knack for trouble. They fight crime!


  • He's a suicidal amnesiac ex-con with a secret. She's a time-travelling Buddhist magician's assistant from Mars. They fight crime!

  • He's an all-American small-town waffle chef looking for a cure to the poison coursing through his veins. She's a virginal communist hooker in the witness protection scheme. They fight crime!
  • He's an impetuous flyboy assassin plagued by the memory of his family's brutal murder. She's a ditzy goth politician who dreams of becoming Elvis. They fight crime!

  • He's a mild-mannered double galzing salesman from Tipton with a penchant for crême patisière, she's a IT consultant with pearl earings, a Mont-Blanc Meisterstück and a nervous tick. TOGETHER they fight crime...
  • He's a hate-fuelled vegetarian dwarf on the run. She's a radical thirtysomething stripper with the power to see death. They fight crime!

  • He's a suicidal one-eyed matador who dotes on his loving old ma. She's a bloodthirsty foul-mouthed mechanic fleeing from a Satanic cult. They fight crime!

  • He's an all-American bohemian astronaut plagued by the memory of his family's brutal murder. She's a wealthy thirtysomething fairy princess prone to fits of savage, blood-crazed rage. WE fight crime!

  • He's a Runner's World forumite who wishes he had the motivation to run more often and should be doing work instead of writing crap like this. She's his long suffering girlfriend who wishes he'd do something romantic once in a while and tidy up around himself. They fight crime!
  • He's an old-fashioned guitar-strumming firefighter with a winning smile and a way with the ladies. She's a high-kicking junkie traffic cop who don't take no shit from nobody. They fight crime!

  • MuttleyMuttley ✭✭✭
    He's an obese Jewish cowboy with a robot buddy named Sparky. She's an orphaned winged college professor who can talk to animals. They fight crime!
  • He's a Nobel prize-winning hunchbacked gentleman spy for the 21st century. She's a provocative green-skinned nun with an MBA from Harvard. They fight crime!
  • He's a deeply religious drug-addicted dog-catcher with a passion for fast cars. She's a scantily clad Bolivian traffic cop with someone else's memories. They fight crime!
  • He's a war-weary Republican assassin in a wheelchair. She's a brilliant tomboy detective from Mars. They fight crime!
  • Hes a mild manored chartered accountant with an IQ of 189 with a secret obsession to be a lion tamer. Shes a check out assistant called tracey who chews gum and has an IQ of 10, together they commit crime!
  • Hes a snuff loving new age traveller with an in-depth of knowledge of the history of Liechtenstein. She's a money grabbing capitalist corporate banker with a nice line in power suits, whose family did very well out of a series of dodgy industrial deals, together they fight crime!
  • He's a seven stone weakling with an allergy to dairy products. She's a militant vegan who weaves her own clothes. Together they fight cream!
  • He's a quite minded janitor at a local club with a big collection of collection of interesting used carrier bags. She is a spotty overweight catering assistant in local Harvester. Together they fight Grime.
  • He's an IT know-it-all whom everyone thinks is perfect, but is really insecure. She's a tall gal who knows what she wants and won't take no sh*t ftom nobody. They fight crime, not always together, she likes her independence.
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