Ribble Valley 10K result from the mid-eighties...

I've got a time in my head for a 10K race when I was in my prime... which was my PB (never to be beaten!) - nothing special, but just better than 6 minute miles.

Then I read something  last month where it said "runners will often have stories of great times, like a 38 minute 10K... but they'll never have proof".

OMG I thought... that's me! (though I was a bit better than 38 mins).  I bet no one believes me.  Maybe I don't believe me - it's a long time ago!

I did have a print out of my time... but I've lost it. I'd love to see proof.  I contacted the current race organisers... and they kindly had a look.. and said that they had electronic records going back quite a few years, but unsurprisingly not back to the eighties.

So... I just wondered if there are any avid record keepers on here, who maybe kept results from Ribble Valley 10Ks  from that era.  I'm not even sure of the year.  I could make a small donation to a charity of the choice of the first person to give me my time!


  • You entered it as "Run Wales" ?
  • Ha ha! image

    I'd rather deal with real names by PM...   the first question is whether I'm lucky enough to find someone who perhaps ran in the RV10K a few times in the eighties, and happens to be the sort who keeps results sheets.


  • Have you tried the relevant local newspaper?
  • Blackburn harriers have a decent website, why not try them ?
  • Dave The Ex- Spartan wrote (see)
    Blackburn harriers have a decent website, why not try them ?

    Thanks Dave... I did that, and they kindly had a dig around. Their electronic records go back to the nineties, not eighties.  I think I'm going to have to hope I come across an enthusiast who doesn't throw things like that away!  I'd have to be lucky.

  • Hope you are, I have all my race results from 1981 onwards.... Sadly never did this race
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