Hi all

Hi all, I'm another newbie. I have been road cycling for a few years and have always hated the thought of running but a few months back I thought I would give running and swimming a go. Both hurt and when the summer holidays came I found lots of excuses not to go. A couple of weeks ago I saw my nice New Balance running shoes still looking new so thought I better get a bit more worth out of them. I downloaded Runkeeper to my phone chose the 10km in under 65 mins program, a week and a half in and I am sticking to it and enjoying every run. My current pace is about 9mins 15 per mile, not sure how this compares but its down from 12 plus mins when I 1st started. I just wanted to introduce myself as I am sure I will have loads of questions soon. I have set up a Twitter account to share some post and pre run banter, please join me on @bigbiciboy as I only have 4 followers and 1 is my wife who will never log on. Sorry for the long 1st post but I am quite excited about my running image
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