Monday 15th October

Lyrics: All the leaves are brown

Morning all.  Up early working before German class, so thought I'd start us off.

What: possibly some lacrosse training, we'll see what time it's at today/how I'm feeling, possibly a bike ride
Why: working and cream crackered
Last week of this mania, next week just 4 days of work a week, so hopefully my training can step back up a little bit!

Have a good one all.


  • Morning emzap

    What:4.5M Fartlek done. Hard.

    Why: Monday session. Cold and frosty morning up here this morning. Gritters were out on roads.

    Thanks for anniversary wishes. Where does the time go !

    RFJ: Well done on your pb.

    Need to catch up.

    Lyrics: Not sure.

    Back later.


  • Morning.

    Yesterday's lyrics were No Time To Cry by Sisters of Mercy.

    birks - you know today's lyrics, they've been used on the thread quite a bit.

    NZC - if I don't come down with another infection/virus between now and Sunday I think I stand a chance of at least my B target. Any reason you're not running much at the moment?

    Hope you catch up with yourself soon emzap.

    What:                  short, easy run
    Why:                   taper
    Last hard:            haven't done hard for a while
    Last rest:             12/10

    Lyrics - yes.

  • Morning all.

    What: Trying out the running club at Asics flagship store, think it's about a 10k run through Hyde Park etc.
    Why: It's fairly near work and free.
    Last hard: Yesterday's 15k.
    Last rest: Thursday.

    Lyrics: Yep!

    Great pb RFJ. emzap up early on a Monday, I'm full of admiration! Fingers crossed LMH.

  • Morning!

    What: may be another half an hour on the exercise bike.
    Why: because its about the only thing I can do...and in a couple of days won't be able to do that, even!
    Trying to find which trousers will fit over a boot! And no, I'm not ordering a skirt as someone has just suggested (although I'm sure I could borrow a kilt or two from our Scottish contributors!)!

    GGG:  do you run for a club? Given that you mention Hyde Park are you familiar with the Last Friday of the Month 5ks? Look at the Serpentine running club website!

  • GGG I was only up at 6:30, I cheated, I'm an hour ahead of you lot!

  • Awwwwwww, cracking race report RFJ, I struggle to remember specific miles other than 'oh I've gone too fast' or 'oh crap I'm dying'.

    Nothing planned for running today, but am going to buy some winter running gear before work.

    Lyrics: one of the best.

  • Meant to say, know the lyrics!

  • Wow, RFJ imageimageimage. Fan-bliddy-tastic result !!!!  you must be dead chuffed.

    alehouse wrote (see)

    Trying to find which trousers will fit over a boot! And no, I'm not ordering a skirt as someone has just suggested (although I'm sure I could borrow a kilt or two from our Scottish contributors!)!


    You could be a trend setter, ale image. Didn't Beckham wear a sarong once? And now he's a style icon image

    what: nothing
    why: still recovering
    last hard: 7/10
    last rest: Friday
    lyrics: of course!!

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    morning all,
    Emz - I would love a 4 day working week (or even a 2 day one...)
    7D - you and I recognise miles in a similar way!
    GGG - what time is the run from the asics store?
    What - 3 or 4 easy & slow
    Why - 14miles yest pm (1h 52)
    last hard - saturdays xc
    last rest - friday

    lyric - did we have these recently???

  • What: Not a lot
    Why: working and on call
    Last Hard: 1of the 3 nm kayaking yesterday
    Last Rest: Saturday
    Lyrics: as usual no

    Alehouse M&S do zip ankle trouser (without any fiddly lining to get caught)
    and no I don't possess a kilt, my heritage being Irish and English

    Hail and frost around yesterday and this morning but wet just now

  • I'm with sevendaughters, great race report RFJ, for any semblance of post-race detail I'd need to run with a dictaphone. alehouse I don't currently run with a club. Looked at Serpentine's website but alas I don't work close enough to manage a lunch time run. Dustin the Asics thing is at 6.30. Here's some info

  • DustinDustin ✭✭✭

    GGG - Ahh thought that might be the case...sweatshop near here does the same (mon & weds) but also at 6:30. Bit late for me, I'd end up waiting around for over an hour....

  • I've decided that I like tapering - had to rein myself in this afternoon (despite not wanting to go out when I left work) but still ran 5.5 miles too fast! Still, rest day tomorrow; 30 minutes Wednesday followed by a sports massage; probably a swim on Thursday and 30 minutes Friday and that will be me I think.

    A couple of pairs of tracksuit bottoms with zips at the ankles Alehouse?

  • LMH: Yeah I do know lyrics. In fact I've used them relatively recentlyimage

    ale: A kilt ? image

  • Evening all,

    Just sticking beak in, after a very disorganised summer. Got a bit stressy about running after failing to get round the LAMM, had to stop coming in here, take all pressure off training.

    Therefore, it was a summer of running maybe once or twice a week, when I was not travelling.  I was travelling a lot - had something to do with son 3's weddingimage. September I went walkabout - did the Camino Primitivo (one of the Camino Santiago routes).  Initially I had hoped to run it, but in the end contented myself with jogging on the flat or downhill sections.  My jog was not much faster than other people's walk.  Mind you, those doing that route represent generally are rather good at walking long distances.  Still, it was about 400km, completed in 17 days, with two rest days. 

    Now time to sober up, and get going again, if it is going to happen.  I have set a programme of challenges between now and March.  If I can meet those, I will sign up for the LAMM again.  The first is a fell run in a fortnight's time.  Have to say though, I ran to work today, stopping en route to do the Stairs.  Not encouraging.  Still, I think I know what might have been wrong.

    Good to see the thread still alive and well.  Take care all.

  • Interesting post, I have a friend who is really into the Camino routes, he really sold me on the idea but I never have the time available to do it, even as a relatively leisurely paced walk.

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