Knee niggle suddenly started during race...woke up with it worse.

Sorry if this has been covered to death but thought I would just dive in and ask.

During a race yesterday, I suddenly got a niggle in my knee. It didn't really do anything, except I could feel it. I knew I had set off too fast but tried to maintain the pace and was chuffed to get a pb.

It on the outside of the kneecap, on the knoblly bone bit. It's on my left side, which is the side that never gets any problems, so know I bit concerned. When I was stretching afterwards, I had a sharp pain on the same side on the front of the leg. Is it connected? 

Anyway, just rubbed some anti-inflamatory cream on yesterday. But have woke up, so stiff, and painful just walking aound.

Got 2 big races already booked and marathon training. So need to get this fixed quickly, hopefully, without a trip to the physio (strapped for cash and with Christmas coming up)

Anyone had anything similar? Was going to ice it and rest, but is there anything else I can do that would help?

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