RW pacer at VLM 2013

I'm sure I've read about & seen RW pacer groups at various races but I can't find any info on the site about what speeds they are & how to find them.

Can anyone point me in the right direction plase?




    there you go, from 7 minute miling to run and walk which is I believe 11 minute miling 5 minutes/ walk 1 minute average pace 12 minute miling


  • JJ2JJ2 ✭✭✭


  • There are 10 paces - fastest is 6.52min/mile, slowest is 11min/mile (plus the run/walk group) - multiple pacers per pen and a larger overall team of pacers this year (of which I am one) - In addition there are the five run-up half marathons at which the team will be pacing: Watford, Race-Your-Pace Dorney Lake, Great North-West Half (Blackpool), Silverstone and Brentwood.


  • What sort of split of run to walking does the run/walk group do?  Someone suggested I use it and currently I'm doing run 4, walk 2 but I may have to alter that depending on how my knee holds up.


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