running with a cold

Is this bad for me?

I don't feel *awful* but I have a bit of a foggy head and sore throat. I was thinking that running might help to 'clear the pipes' but I don't want to end up feeling even worse!


I was thinking of running on a treadmill today to avoid exposing myself to the elements.


  • Rule of thumb is head cold you can run, chesty cold DONT run...

  • The outside temperature tends to have more effect on a cold than anything else, I find, so maybe the treadmill is worth trying. I usually find that I feel great during the run and then shocking sometime afterwards. No idea whether running will prolong the illness or not. 

    I never feel like I get much fitness benefit from running with a cold. It can help keep your muscles loose and perk up your mood though.

  • Thank you both!


    I did go for a run last night at the gym at work. In a funny way, the sweat and heat made me feel good. I woke up feeling a little full-headed but I think that's something that happens!

  • I ran the Kielder Marathon with the back end of a cold - not chesty, though a bit drippy, and I was definitely a bit snotty on the way around. Just make sure you pack something to wipe your hooter with. image

  • Running Abingdon Marathon on Sunday not sure what to do as I have a sore throat and a bit of a dry cough. Normally I would do a training run with a head cold but a race and a marathon to boot. Head says no heart says yes. So don't want to let my training partner down. Been training for about 20 weeks. That's 20 weeks of of 5.30 am runs! was thinking I could do the first loop with my training partner and then drop out.

  • Ha, I developed a cold today and was wondering this exact thing! I can see that running in rain and freezing weather when your chest is clogged up wouldn't be a great idea, but right now I feel like an easyish run with just a head cold might be doable... will have to see how it goes on Sunday, but I'm feeling like it might be worth a go.

  • I went for the treadmill option with the back end of a slightly feverish sore-throat-and-earache combination. Earache vanished and throat felt better image

  • I'm going to give it a go to. Was hoping for a PB

    but guess I'll need to let that one go????
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