Shin splint

After 5 days into starting running using a walk run walk plan I now have shin splints or I think I do. I've been running on road every time and now getting pains in the inside of both legs just below the knee.

Do I stop and rest up, if so for how long ? Or do I carry on every other day on grass and see if my body adapts?

Advice sorely needed please . Thanks


  • Hi Cowes,

    Are you fairly new to running?  If you are you're body just won't be used to the stresses that pounding a pavement can do.  I had all sorts of aches and pains when I started particularly with my knees and shins.

    If you're worried then see a physio but otherwise my feeling is that you just need a couple of days rest to let your tired legs recover.  Ice the areas that are sore (literally get an ice cube and rub over the area) and see how your legs feel later this week. If you can't rest or are worried about losing fitness then going for a swim will be less traumatic on your legs.

    If I've learnt anything over the short number of years I've been running it's that self diagnosis is not the way to go. I managed to convince myself I had a stress fracture last year after upping my mileage beyond my training plan. Turned out to be a shin splint, bloody painful and honestly thought my shin would snap if I put any pressure on it. I was sidelined me for a month and inevitably had a horrible experience running London. 

    Do you know if your trainers offering you the correct support?

  • Cowes - I'd think Gilly is likely to be right.  I very much doubt you have any chronic shin injury at the beginning of a run/walk programme but your body may well complain a bit as it gets used to the new activity.

    I'd be tempted to rest an extra day and massage the area with your thumbs while your foot is dorsiflexed i.e. massage while standing one foot on a chair (if the pain is where I think it is!), and ice it a wee bit.

  • I am very new to running and on programme to get myself into it. I expect im to blameas i went running for 5 days on the trot on roads instead of every other day as it stated.

    I have used my nike trainers which they say are for running but i didnt get them fitted just bought in a shop

    As you suggest I'll rest up and ice / massage my legs. Fingers crossed it will pass in a few days. Thanks!!.

  • do it every other day - as stated.

    maybe cycle or swim on the 'day off'

    running IS the best way to burn calories if done right...but it's also the best way to get injured rather quickly if you push too much too soon

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