Analysis and orthotics help required for first time maraton runner.

Hi Guys.

First time here on the forums (just registered) and looking for some advice / reviews. I've got my first marathon next year (London) and although I regularly run 5 and 10ks to a decent standard (sub 19 and sub 40) I do suffer a lot with feet, shin and knee pain. It’s never really been enough to seriously look at getting it sorted once and for all - however with training for the Marathon starting soon and needing to ramp this up. I MUST get this sorted before I run some serious injury. I'm convinced it’s down to incorrect running style / shoes etc.

What I'm after is a proper analysis done by some experts. Digital gait, posture analysis, orthotics etc. Can anyone recommend one in the Leeds / Manchester area? I’m prepared to spend whatever it costs to get the right result.



  • Dominic - I think you're probably right about gait being the cause.

    In Leeds I massively recommend Coach House Sports Physio on Otley Road.  If they're good enough to work with Jess Ennis, the Brownlee brothers, Charlene Thomas, Kelly Holmes

    They'll assess and work on treatments and if podiatry is seen to be an advised route they have one of them too but they'll only refer you to them if absolutely necessary. i.e. if its based around gait or strength they'll fix it that way rather than use orthotics as a sticking plaster remedy.

    As an example, I was due to be running Amsterdam next weekend, got what I naively thought was a recurrence of achillies trouble from last year and rested for 2 months with little improvement.  Took the CSP guys about 2 minutes to diagnose something quite different, massage it, give me some strength drills and I'm back running again.


    If you want to lnow anything more on them send me a message.

  • Hi Rob.

    Thanks ever so much for the info. Great that place is really close for me so will definately give them a call tomorrow and get the ball rolling. Cheers for the recommendation, they sound like just the place image - I'll report back how I get on.


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