From 5k to 7k in one week

I am currently doing the C25K and the program will end on the last week of November, at which point I should be able to run 5K.  On the 1st week of December there is a local fun run of 7K with approxiamtely 128m of positive elevation.

I would obviously not be entering for any other reason that for the fun of it but at the same time I would definately like to be able to run the whole course.  Would it be too early for to sign up for the 7K.  I don't care about running slow or coming in last but I would really like to make it to the end without killing myself.

During the week prior to the run I would have ran at least 2 or 3 times 5K.  I am asking just now because there is a date limit for subscriptions.


  • If you really feel on target for achieving your 5K goals, in the timescale you mention... then I think you're ok to give it a go - indeed it's a nice motivation.  Maybe do one of you 5Ks with a bit of an incline, to get used to that... and try to fit in another couple of shorter runs which gets a bit of uphill gradients in it.

    At the end of Good luck with it.

  • For the moment I am on target with my program, in fact I am frustrated at holding back on the distances and times.

    My normal route has a short steep hill with about about 30m elevation and I could easily modify it to do the hill 2 or 3 times.  For the moment though I can't get all the way up without exploding the MHR. ( Its improving though).

    I am just a little worried about adding almost 50% to my maximum run.



  • Just go for it. What harm does it do if you walk a bit. It will be very satisfying to finish.

  • Go for it. If you have a parkrun in your area try that before its a free measured 5k event run allover the country at 9am on a Saturday. If you say you arent worried about time what have you to lose and you might find it easier than you think.I have gone from being a non runner to now running regular 5k and now done 5 10ks. I have just signed up for 10 mile one on Sunday and scared but what the hell as long as I finish it. if I can do that you can certainly do yours. Good luck brenda

  • I actually cheated on my C25K and as it was running 3 times a week I did it every other day instead which meant I finished it quicker. However I was a returning runner so had done the program before.
  • Go for it! x


  • OK, it's done, I signed up tonight...... image



  • l'Ecossais wrote (see)

    OK, it's done, I signed up tonight...... image

    Well done you! Whatever your time it will be a PB and am sure adrenalin will get you that extra 2k easily. Is the 7k a loop? if so don't worry about the 128m elevation and walk breaks cos you'll make the time up coming back downimage



  • Hi Andy,

    Yes its a 3 * loop, the slopes can be a little steep sometimes, the course runs through the old part of the city in Geneva, which basically sits on top/around a small hill.

    The enouragement of everyone here and the idea of having my first PB pushed me towards signing up and at the end of the day if I have to walk it's really not so bad.  As long as I can finish then it will already be an accomplishement....

  • Sounds like a great setting! And yes, finishing in any time will be a PB image

  • Good luck. If you can do 5k, why not try 6k even if you walk the extra k. Then the 7k won't seem as daunting

  • I am getting the wobbles about doing 10miles on Sunday any helpful ideas will be appreciated. Should I pretend its 10k I know there will be a lot of fast people there hoping there will be slower ones there. Now frightened I will be last or feel so out of strength after doing a chunk of it. I have been on the treadmill every day this week just doing 3 or 4 k as fast as I could then swimming for half an hour non stop. Had a session with personal trainer yesterday he said I should be fine. Just worried about my breathing and dry throat I will have my water bottle with me. Any advice what would you do if it was you . Thanks Brenda

  • Hi Brenda, newbie here so take this with a pinch of salt but if I where you I'd maybe do 1 more shortish (very) slow run today then rest, nothing you do know will help your fitness, it can only injure you or tire you. Oh, and I'll guarantee you won't be last! And actually, there is nothing wrong in finishing last (once lol).

  • Hi All,

    A little feedback on the 7k today.

    It was quite cold here in Geneva , in total there were more than 33000 participants running throughout the day, so as you can imagine it was a quite large event. 

    It is my first race and I decided to remain around  my normal limit of about 145bpm throughout the course, little did I know that that number would simply sky rocket.  I did not anticipate what it meant to run in a crowd.  I averaged 167 for the course and hit on 187.  My max heart rate is suppoed to be about 176, lol....  I normally watch my heart rate a lot whilst running but after the 2nd Km I decided to forget about it and concentrate purely on how I felt.

    I felt good throughout the course and I kept my breathing down as much as I was able, slowed down in the descents in order to recover a little and in general kept a  steady pace thoughout. 

    There were about 1760 people in my age group and I came in 1373rd, I was thrilled even to have finished.

    Up until today my fastest pace over 5Km was at 7:12 min/km.  Today I averaged 6:17 over 7.2Km so I was absolutely delighted..  17 Seconds less per Km  and I will reach the mythic 5K in 30minutes.....  I ran the 7.2Km in a total of 45:34..

    I didn't break any records but for a 46 year old, overweight,  ex 20 year smoker I am over the moon. 

    I learned a lot about myself today, the effort requires both physical and mental preparation, the body needs to be correctly fueled, remaining relaxed is essential and there is a huge buzz in crossing that finishing line.....

    All in all a wonderfull day...






  • Well done on the run, time and race report! The adrenalin of a race is said to take time off your runs and am sure you'll get faster with training. 

  • Well done. Keep at it.

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