Beginner - Very Much So

Hi Everyone,

I have signed up to do the Richmond 10k on 18 Nov as I needed something to focus on - bit ambitious I think as I have only started running 3 months ago!   I have never done anything like this before and am not sure what to expect on the day.  My biggest fear is finishing last (which will probably be the case) or not finishing at all!!  I know it's only 6 miles but it may as well be an ultra marathon for me - any advice would be appreciated, thanks!


  • Finishing last isn't something to be afraid of it means you are still ahead of the 99% at home on their sofas.

    I did my first "race" on Sunday 506 out of 525 finishers. Before it I was at times silly enough to worry would it be respectable what if I am last, etc.... It's totally irrelevant it's not a race against other people unless you are in the top 10. It's about you and the new friends you meet on course, all beating the course in any way possible by finishing ;/)

    When you have finished a fee then I think you can start to plan where you would like to be, but take it from me I'm damn competitive, never let anyone else win at monopoly, it's not like that. If you complete it, you will feel 50ft tall.

  • Oh also don't go with only one plan in mind. It's not plan A or I've failed it's then just plan b or c ... It's whatever gets you aroundimage also enjoy it. Your first race is always going to be special.
  • Hi Steph,

    Thanks so much - I know it will be special and I am so excited.   It's been a struggle over the years having piled on the weight, had two kids etc etc (looking more and more like the Michelin man every time I looked in the mirror) - anyway decided to get fit 5 months ago and started running just to lose weight initially but I got hooked and here I am going for a 10k and 3 stone lighter image 

    Will let you know how it goes and once again thanks


  • don't worry about finishing last.someone has to....I have finished last a few times and have still been pleased that i have had finished and those at the finishing line have been really supportive...........

    go and try and enjoy it .hopefully the first of many

  • Thank you Seren  - yes I am already looking at when/where the next ones are for my calendar!   

  • Just go for it! Finishing last does not matter anyway. If you are genuinely worried (I know I was) take a look at the results from last year and see how the time / pace feels.

    A word of warning , do not get tricked into running a faster pace at the start as everyone goes haring off at the beginning. In my first organised run I ran ridiculous first splitts which wrecked the energy levels for me. Other than that just enjoy as it is a real buzz.

  • Thanks Steve - yes I had a look at it was scary reading!  One guy did it in 31 mins and the slowest women did it in 1 hour 45 - have to say I feel a bit better now as I just want to be able to finish image .  

    4 weeks to go and counting down the days!

  • Hi Kal, Do you have a Parkrun near you? If so give it a go, it will give you some experience of running with a crowd and help you overcome the fear of coming last.

    It's only a 5K run but it will give you an insight to running a "race" type event.

    Good luck.
  • Thanks!  I will look into that - think that's what's scaring me the never having done it before and not knowing what to expect. 

  • Kal, tis almost 3 months since I started running again and the biggest thing I've learnt this time is walking is good for me! OK, I'd be lying if I said times were not important to me but am enjoying going out for a jog and walking when my heart tells me to rather than running until I almost drop. Did my first ever 10 mile run a couple of weeks ago, didn't care about the time just the fact that I moved forward continously for 10 miles.

    If you do come last (and I very much doubt it) then you will have a personal best and a goal not to finish last next time image Just go and enjoy it, imho as a fellow beginner you will break many (personal) records in the first year but as you improve these records will be harder to break.

  • Hey Andi thanks and congrats on your first 10 miler - "moving forward continuously" - I like that image - will do an update after and I know this will be the first of many!

  • Hi Everyone

    Just by way of update I did it and finished!   I was a bit shocked at my time 01:03:14 - I have never ran that fast before!!  So for a first go I was really happy with my time and felt great - absolutely loved it and looking forward to doing more in the future.  Only thing is I slipped and fell on the path by the river at the half way mark and had to stop so lost at least a minute there if not more - I carried on though with nasty cut on leg with blood running down it even though I felt like crying!!  I have definitely got the running bug and have now signed up for half marathon in July next year - again no way I could do that at the moment but I've got plenty of time to train!

    Thanks for all your advice and support here image

  • Hi Kal,

    Well done on completing the 10k, great first time. You should be proud of yourself! Best of luck with the half marathon.
  • Well done kal!

    I hope the wound heals quickly and enjoy the rest of the weekend by resting and maybe drinking lotsimage

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